This visual aesthetics course included a bit of everything:  reading, writing, technical use and application, design principle theory… It could be easily misinterpreted that this was a “design” class, but I like to think of it as making any work we do from this point forward deliberate, at the least. There’s something to be said for having reasons, whether good or bad, in the decisions we make. I don’t know that I’ll necessarily design anything professionally, but I can almost guarantee it will be my job to make things aesthetically pleasing, to a certain extent.

I liked the emphases on presentation, critique, and receiving criticism. They’re skills that can be universally translated to any line of work, and honestly, they are underestimated. We’re all here for our own reasons, of course, but those reasons at least partially include the general ‘bettering ourselves,’ which can’t be done without reflection and evaluation.

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