Pica Towers

These three short animations told a very in depth story in a very short amount of time.  The dark undertones of these shorts are intensified by leaving many of the key parts up to the audience to formulate in their heads.  In the first short The Good News, the animated person (who shares many similarities with a priest) was stabbed, but the stabbing was not shown to the audience.  Moments after when the other animated person opened the door, the audience did not see what stood at the door behind the stabbed person, but we are able to deduce that it is something very scary based on the loud sound effects and zooming in of the camera to focus on a struggling animated person hanging from the ceiling.

All three short animations are intertwined but show three very different parts of what was happening in and around the tower around the same time.  The entire animation is in black and white which I think makes its dark mood even more effective.  At first I was expecting a funny story based on the the animation style, but because the story centers around murder, this aesthetic style adds to the creepiness of the events.  There is a definite catholic theme throughout the three animations based on the likeness of some of the characters to a priest and nun.  I had to watch these a few times, and each time I was able to pick up a few more details about the story and better link the three short animations together.

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