I like these videos. I normally like a lot of color, but I liked the darkness to this. No dialogue, but still somewhat humorous. I figured someone would die in “Pizza Sangre” which means blood pizza. I was hoping for something more morbid though. I don’t knoow what these characters are supposed to be…tvs?

Holy smokes, I just watched the first one again and realized the blind man walked up to a person that had been stabbed with blood splatter everywhere. Totally gruesome. Nice touch.

The last one was very very short, which of course is part of the reason why I liked it.  It’s was eerie with the music in the end and the man moving in the chains. I like that these characters are all the same color and bland in color.  It gives the videos a spookier touch.  The music is eerie and adds to the eeriness.  I think the narrative relied on the music most.  It built suspense and helped let me know that something creepy was about to happen or is happening.  It was hard to tell that the splatter on the wall was blood, since it’s in black and white.

The end.

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