Short Films

Movement Study was an interesting short film, that documented various people in front of a white screen moving. It was from the waist up and they were preforming various forms of interpretive music to the song. At the end it got kind of weird where they all held their bodies on position. I wasn’t really a big fan.

I thought to stay with the theme and watched Embraced next and the opening scene proved to stick with the name of the film. Pretty awkward at first because the woman is crying and the man is just holding her. It’s very powerful because it’s showing the power that human contact has. It’s very intense to watch because you almost feel like you shouldn’t be watching it because it’s so private.

The final short film I watched was called American Spirit. The two men are walking down the street, obviously waiting on something. They start smoking American Spirits which I know as a cigarette that is supposed to be not as bad as all the rest because it’s natural or something like that. It was symbolic when he threw the empty pack on the ground and the kids ran by and everything turned into color. I think they were trying to display the feeling you get from the ‘better for you cigs’ and paralleled it with the 1950’s feel but in actualization it was in present day.

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