Pica Towers

The animators do a really good job using black and white to their advantage. It gives you the feeling right off the bat of old timey factories. While there is no speaking I think it’s also interesting because the lack of facial expressions. It was kind of funny when the dog thing took the blind thing’s cane though. He picked it up right in front of a dead thing and didn’t even see it because he’s blind which is a huge irony. I think the black and white scale is powerful too because the dead thing obviously has blood on it but it’s not red but still reads as blood. When the pizza guy comes and is blown over by the wind it’s kind of forshadowing when the bad woman thing is looking out to him through the window.

It’s brilliant motion graphics because they fully rely on the graphics and very subtle music in the background. There’s no speaking or facial movements from the characters which makes the entire story come from the characters and surroundings.

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