Broadcast Designers

The first video I watched was Troika Design Group.  Like most people who watched it I automatically thought – damn, that would be sweet to work there!  Everything seems awesome about the company, small and intimate working to develop a creative and positive environment where people enjoy the work they are creating and collaborating with others on that work.  Watching the demo reel was really interesting because most of the channels/networks seen were huge, recognizable names and brands.  The company as a whole seems to have a very organic, creative feel.  They focus on collaboration and synergy to create finished products that not only look amazing but feel right and open up the television screen to make the world infinite.


I also watched the Harry Marks videos and found it super intriguing.  This one man is responsible and the reason for so many iconic images and brand designs.  He seemed so humble – he isn’t motivated by money but by the sheer joy and passion of converging all the things he loves like music, film, and graphics.  I think one of the more meaningful things he said was “It’s very important to know the rules, because once you know the rules you can break them.”  He speaks in a way that I think everyone can relate to, he does what he loves but understands how it is perceived by others and the effect it can have on someone.

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