Inspiration From Anywhere…

Reading the anecdotes from each of the designers was very entertaining. Each provided different insight into what it takes to be a good designer. The biggest theme that thread through the few I read was that a good designer is open to inspiration from different places, is open to interacting with different people and things and sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

I think the reason designers should be open to inspiration from different places is that someone took the time craft everything; the words in books, the pattern on a lamp shade or the way the brush strokes fall on a painting. As a designer, being able to observe these things and appreciate their value as art and utilize them can set you apart from the good versus great designer status. Also, as a designer, if you hope to have some one use your work you have to be able to successfully communicate your ideas and design to others. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are defending your work. In addition, inspiration can come from ANYWHERE. Lastly, sometimes as new designers we attempt to cram as much as we can into our design space. However, can be more. Sometimes the simplistic approach is most visually arresting and captivating.

I think if we as budding designers can keep these in mind we would find ourselves on the road to success.

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