79 Short Essays on Design

Mr. Vignelli’s Map

This reading was very interesting to me because I have never been to New York, so I had to Google a subway map in order to see what they looked like. After looking at the map I feel that I would understand of how to get around the big city. The most interesting thing about the reading was the fact the sign shop misinterpreted the drawings and painted a black horizontal line at the top of each sign. I personally think that it looks good that way and it is more clearly for users to read. After reading this article it reminds me as a designer to make sure the company that’s printing your design is knows exactly how you want each design printed.


I Hate ITC Garamond

While reading this font the first thing that came across my head was what the hell is Garamond font? So, I stopped to Google to see what the font looked like and wondered why in the world would somebody use this font. This font is one of the worst fonts that I have ever seen. I see why the lady couldn’t read the book with Garamond font.

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