Lifestyles of the Hey I Kinda Sorta Know Who You Are

Fame is relative. When I was reading the article about fame, the first thing that popped into my mind was this scene from Parks and Recreation where Ron Swanson, a manly-man woodworker who doesn’t get excited about most things, turns into a squealing pre-teen girl when he sees a famous woodworker at the Indiana Fine Woodworking Association (Sidenote: If you have never watched Parks and Recreation, drop everything and binge watch on Netflix right now).  I think this is a perfect example of if you are passionate about something, you will have someone who you think is “famous” and look up to.

Now how Miley Cyrus became famous, I have no idea, but it makes me sad that she is covered more in the news and is known world-wide instead of someone who is really skilled and is helping out the world in some way.  How America perceives who is famous is now extremely skewed.  I would safely bet that more people would know who Britney Spears is than who their local congressman. Is this because people do not care about their local surroundings but instead want to be apart of the mainstream America? If that’s the case, I’m not sure whether that’s good or not.

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