I Love ITC Garamond! (Richardson)

Just kidding. I don’t. But I don’t see what the big fuss is about. ITC Garamond isn’t worthy of all the shade that Michael Bierut is throwing towards it.


I understand the mentality of being put off by poor technical choices. Bierut’s hang up is having to look at fonts he hates — so much so that a font he disapproves of can detract from the content the font is representing. I hear you, Mike. Whenever I watch a video that has bad audio, bad framing, bad coloring, etc. (aka some of the videos we’ve watched in this class for blog homework), it upsets me to the point where I can’t absorb what is happening in the video. It’s distracting. And that’s the point that Bierut is making. Technicality, including font choice, carries a lot of weight in keeping your audience happy.

A designer (or editor, artist, videographer, etc.) has a very important job to do. When presenting the content that in wrapped in the design, the designer must make sure that it is displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way so that bad technical choices will not ward off potential clients, page visitors, casual readers, and more.

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