The 2008 iPhone

Well, first of all, I found this mans voice very dry and hard to follow. So I spend my time looking at the pictures and reading the text from his book.  I have never owned an iPhone but am familiar with them. I can see how far the first iPhone has come from just 2008-2013.  Technology is amazing and changing so quickly.

Our cell phones, iPhones and Androids, are literally a pocket-sized computer that can go every where with us.  Edward Tufte’s video and blog was very informative.  He covered a lot of information on his topics of: high-resolution touch-screens; minimizing computer admin debris; complete integration of text, images, and live video; a flat non-hierarchical interface; and replacing spacious icons with tight words. I find it so incredible that a cell phone can have so many features and act like a portable computer.

I see why iPhones have been so popular since they first came out.

On a side note, I learned a new word, screen-hogging. I thought it was a funny word.


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