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Edward Tufte highlights excellent points regarding the original iPhone interface. The iPhone’s interface excels in its simplicity and Tufte emphasizes these successes in his short video. However, Tufte finds a few issues within the interface design of the iPhone, especially in the apps regarding Stocks and Weather. He argues that they do not efficiently display a nourishing amount of information and provides examples of how he believes that the interfaces of these apps can be improved.

Tufte makes an excellent point at the end of his video when he states “…if information is in chaos, don’t throw out information. Instead, fix the design.” However, if we look at how the iPhone has progressed since 2008, especially with the recent release of iOS7, we can notice slight instances of the interfaces unconsciously heeded this tidbit. The Weather app, for instance, lost much of its “cartoon” feel as the graphics became more indulgent and spread across the entirety of the iPhone screen. However, the Stocks app remains somewhat the same in its layout, not truly reaching its full potential.

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