Conference update: Virtual Conference

Hello Friends,

As some of our class bloggers have mentioned, our class has been dealing with the difficult news of not being able to continue with the conference on sustainable agriculture due to financial concerns.  While this news has been challenging, our class has been focused on moving forward and finding another way to partner with the University of Namibia. Specifically, today in class we discussed the idea of a virtual conference that one of our contacts in Namibia suggested.  This would allow for research to still be presented, which is definitely a priority for our class in terms of elevating Namibian scholarship and ideas.  Our main concerns are also finding the most sustainable and empowering way to use the money that we have collected to highlight the issues surrounding sustainable agriculture in Namibia and the world.

In an attempt to accomplish these goals, our class has decided to resume conversations with the University of Namibia, who states that they have already received 25 proposals for papers. Using some of the money originally earmarked for the conference, we plan to offer rewards to the best submissions, with the stipulation that the papers be submitted to academic journals.

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