Quick Update: 4/12

As of April 12th, 2016, the Periclean class of 2017 has accomplished a lot. However, all that we have accomplished has not come easy. Recently our class has called upon every member to step up our commitment levels. We are realizing that January of 2017 is approaching quicker and quicker, and we still have much to do in terms of planning our conference in Namibia. We also have a lot of fundraising left to do in order to make this conference happen, and, similarly, we still have a lot of progress to make towards completing our local project in Burlington, NC. Although we recognize that we still have a few tasks to complete before January of 2017, I believe we are well on our way to achieving our goals.

In terms of fundraising…

We have planned a silent auction for April 22nd from 4-7pm to help raise money for our conference. Additionally, as of next semester we have decided to take over the Cookies to-go-go Periclean fundraiser to help with funding for our class, so stay tuned and plan to order cookies! We also have made Pura Vida Periclean bracelets to sell in order to help us raise funds. Hopefully all of these fundraising efforts, in conjunction to our Gofundme page and our letter writing campaign, will help us reach our fundraising goals for the semester.

In terms of our local project…

We are still working on the logistics of it all, but we have decided that we want to create something along the lines of a demonstration garden in downtown Burlington, NC. We were hoping to pair this demonstration garden with a donation box for our class, hoping to both raise funds and spread awareness of the issue we are trying to address in Namibia. We are trying to locate a place to put this demonstration garden, but have had difficulties in finding a suitable location equipped with people to help take care of the garden while we are not here (ex. summer vacation or after we graduate). On a more positive note, we also recently went into BSS, a local middle school in Burlington, and taught the students about the Periclean Scholars program at Elon, our goals for our project, and the issue we will be addressing while in Namibia.

In terms of the conference/ documentary…

We have solidified our first speaker for our conference in Namibia! Receiving this news was a big win for our class and gives us more motivation to reach our goals. In addition to hosting a conference, we will also be filming a documentary about our project and the issue to further promote our cause after the conference takes place. We have decided to send a crew of two Pericleans to Namibia this summer to get to work on the documentary and already have a lot of cool ideas floating around about it. I am excited to see what footage comes from this summer adventure and what other progress we can make towards setting up the conference as the semester comes to a close.

Peace, Love, Periclean.

The class of 2017

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