Planning in progress

Our class tonight was all about planning. Planning for a trip to Honduras, planning for the business summit in the winter, planning fundraising events to support Hope for Honduran Children and planning for future efforts with LUPE. We broke up into committees to plan more efficiently. The three members of our class who will be going to Honduras, Erin Lanzotti, Morgan Abate, and Bethany Stafford Smith, met with Diana from El Centro and Dr. Celis-Castillo. Diana and Dr. Celis-Castillo will be accompanying our three class members to Honduras, so they have been collaborating over the past few weeks to plan for their trip!

The LUPE committee reflected on their Cookies to Go-Go LIVE event on Wednesday, November 11th. The movie El Regreso was shown in the Moseley student center and various desserts were sold to support LUPE. Various members of LUPE came to the event, met the students watching the movie, and brought some of the delicious desserts that were sold!

The committee that is planning for the Business Summit continued their work towards inviting sustainable businesses to the event in order to expose Elon students to this type of business. They are working on promotion of the event and other details to ensure it’s an awesome summit! We are all excited to work on planning as a class for the summit during Winter term.

As we approach Thanksgiving break, exams, and Christmas break, every student in our class is reflecting on our class and individual efforts throughout the fall semester. In addition to this reflective thinking, each student has been working on a purposeful writing assignment that will be due at the end of the semester. The assignments have been planned out by each student and will relate to some aspect of our class.


Some of our class members with the LUPE board members at the Cookies to Go-Go LIVE event

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