On a rolllllllll 11.10.15

We are so happy to report that everything is beginning to happen all at once! After submitting the Acorn Proposal (gloriously written by our own Kelsey Lane and Annie Phelan) a discussion of local partners ensued and our class is excited for the prospect of a community garden project in Williams High School. The local partners committee will begin reaching out and communicating with Peacehaven in order to make this abstraction a reality. (Click here for more information!)

As the end of our first semester as juniors is approaching, we are beginning to think about Stoles and the impact we want to make in our last year and a half. To better achieve our goals, we compiled a class list of expectations that we have for one another in order to hold ourselves to a higher standard. On that token, the social committee held a Pan-Periclean bonding event in the Oaks. With the best turnout from the 2017s, apple cider courtesy of Christian and pumpkin pie courtesy of Kelsey was merrily enjoyed. Additionally, a member of the Class of 2018 has a rice cooker and graced us with its bountiful rice.




Our class sent in a concept paper (crafted mainly by the fabulous Christian Kowalski and Oly Zayac) to the embassy in Namibia with a detailed description of what we hope our Winter Term for 2017 could look like abroad. This called for many hours of writing and brainstorming by the whole class. We are waiting to hear back and sincerely hoping for the best12238487_10206387397978658_4112051516582983392_o! The Grants Committee is in motion and has its writers ready to work! Professor Moore has been extremely helpful and a great guide in understanding logistics and concepts. 




Pura Vida bracelets have been purchased by the Fundraising Committee and will be sold for $5 at Elon in addition to surrounding stores (hopefully!). We also are looking into the prospect of a yard sale in order to fundraise from furniture being sold at the end of the year.

We will begin to start making goals and ways to communicate as the group switches for winter term and we no longer have regular class meeting times. As someone going abroad next semester I cannot wait to watch this play out and to be apart of this great project we’re building.

Sam 🙂




This really cool infographic! So glad to be able to have this as a resource for our class and for Ecology Action. Good work everyone!

PLP,Peace Love Periclean


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