The First Periclean Year for the Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 has finished its first year as Pericleans!  It almost doesn’t seem that we only just started this program and are already a third of the way done with it.  Time really does fly!

During our first semester, we learned as much as we could about Namibia, keeping up with the country’s news while also studying history and culture. With the first step of research well underway, we knew that this semester would be the time to move forward to the next stages of project searching and partner vetting.

Over the semester, we created both short- and long-term goals to act as checkpoints in our progress.  Knowing we had limited weekly class time, we worked to ensure that each class was dedicated to how we wanted to move forward.

After looking at some organizations we may have the opportunity to work with, the class fell heavily interested in working to create a project around the mission Grow Biointensive and Ecology Action carry, which is to create sustainable agriculture in environmentally difficult areas to grow crops.
From this point, we have vetted the organization and had the opportunity to Skype with the Director of Grow Biointensive.  Talking to the Director about their mission only made our class more excited about what we could potentially complete in the next few semesters.

As we get ready for the next year, we are staying in contact with our class via email for the summer.  We have also created a project map for summer goals in which each student is responsible to stay involved with a specific task we want to complete before coming back in the fall.

Over the semester, we have also grown as a class, taking on the roles as mentors to the Periclean Class of 2018 and becoming closer, through social events, with our own class.

We look forward to coming back in the fall with an exciting project and the beginning plans of how we, as Pericleans, can be a part of it.

Peace, Love, Periclean

Oly and Sarah R

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