Class of 2015 class notes 3/3/15


Monthly Munchies

  • Reserved Moseley kitchen for March 18th
  • Digital board ad submitted
  • Need to reserve card-swiper and pick it up the day of
  • look for sign-up sheet on the google drive

Fundraising Events

  • Fundraiser 5K à need to go through Athletics to reserve CX field for 5kProblems:
  • Time and place to draw people’s attention to the 5K?(Mosley tables probably aren’t going to get much support)
  • Sport Often- an online platform to register people for events like a 5K; keeps tracks of participants and registration fees; sends us a check at the end
  • class of 2011 created a manual to host a 5K; Tom to send us this manual
  • aiming for one of the last Fridays in April or first Friday in May
  • Pelican Snowballs:
  • Eliana talking to owner of Pelican Snowballs à in the past SGA brought Pelican Snowballs to campus; could we do a profit share and have Pelican Snowballs come physically to campus (snowball truck)? à Friday afternoon in the spring on Speaker’s Corner; we could also have RFF and/or Periclean materials set up as well

Conference Call with Christine (RFF) 

  • RFF featured in Nicholas Kristof/Sheryl Wudunn’s new book and documentary, A Path Appears –> good exposure for RFF, good for fundraising; suggests we do an awareness event using A Path Appears
  •  Suggested pursuing family foundations for potential grants
  • Suggested using an online platform like Razu or Crowdrise to fundraise –> to honor our graduation, we could ask people to give a gift to this online campaign
  • excited about sustaining the partnership between RFF and Elon, would like to work with an alternative organization on campus after we leave
  • Stoles: Christine may be able to find some fabric that we could turn into stoles ourselves
  • To-Do:
    • how much total fabric do we need for stoles?
    • obtain A Path Appears
    • identify info we need for family foundation grants
    • create a list of family foundations we are looking into
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