Fall 2014 Resume for the Class of 2017

Periclean Scholars Class of 2017 Resume

Mission Statement
We, the Periclean Scholars Class of 2017 at Elon University with a focus on Namibia, are still working on a class mission statement.  As individuals, we are creating personal mission statements, but understand that even those, will be revisited and updated as we grow, both as individuals, and as a cohort.  We have much to learn, much to do, and will put forth our best efforts.

Toxic Charity
Soul of a Citizen
Letters Left Unset by “J”
Various Namibian Newspapers
– The Daily Namibian,
– The Namibian Sun,
– The Informante,
– The Caprivi Vision
Discussion Forum and News Forum pertaining to articles from previous listed sources
A Measure of Our Humanity- Class of 2006
Various Documentaries on YouTube supplied by Carol

Class Activities
Created the class syllabus
For the “Good of the Group
Wrote blog posts
Discussion Board (Moodle) – Current Events
News Forum (Moodle) – Current Events
Created the elevator speech for the Celebrating Pericleans gathering
Group Projects/Presentation
– Culture
– Government/Politics/International Relations
– Infrastructure/Economy
– Education
– Health
– Geography/Environment
Information was put on Moodle documents
Conceptualized the framework for committees and roles in class
Created Committees
– Steering Committee
– Committee on Committees
– Fundraising and Grants
– Alumni Relations
– Media Communications and Marketing
– Events
– Social
Research a few potential partners
– Hydroponics
– Community partner ideas from Duke
Discussion of possible project ideas in small groups in class
Created/designed a class t-shirt

Guest Speakers
Dr. Tom Arcaro: Director of Project Pericles
– Discussed the Periclean Program, the class of 2006 in Namibia, and allowed our class to ask questions about both of these things

Anita Isaacs: Namibian Partner of Project Pericles
– Q&A on previous Namibian class and on current issues and situation in Namibia

Jamie Smedsmo: Peace Corp Volunteer
– Shared her experience being part of the Peace Corps in Namibia and what she thought were important issues

Dr. Lucinda Adams: Faculty member of School of Communications, and member of the Lumen Scholar Committee
Sarah Vaughn: Student recipient of the Lumen Scholar prize
– Discussed what being a Lumen Scholar is, and the application process

Heidi Frontani: Class of 2010 Mentor, Geography Professor, Interim Director of AAAF Studies
– Discussed the experiences of her class
– Offered information and advice on the African/African American Studies program

Samantha White: Periclean Scholars Class of 2006
– Spoke to our class on what she is doing now and how Periclean has affected her decisions
– She talked about where she is now, what her experiences have been, and advice she had to give us.

Aisha Mitchell: Periclean Scholars Class of 2012 & Assistant Director of Corporate and Employee Relations for the College of Arts & Sciences
– Spoke on the progress and stages her class went through each year and offered us advice on how to -approach the semester
– Discussed her time as a Periclean and how it impacted her life path

Ronda Kosusko: Student Professional Development Center Career Specialist
Administered MyPlan for assessment of our individual personality types/characteristics
– We divided into groups based on each letter
– Came up with qualities/things we needed from the class

Aiden Dyer, Drew Dimos, Caroline James, Kerrianne Durkin:  2016 Periclean Scholars
– Engaged in a discussion on how to strengthen the mentor/mentee relationship and offered advice on how to continue our first year as Pericleans
– Asked them questions and they gave us some tips and ideas on how to run this class effectively.

Stephanie Carroll: Periclean Scholars Class of 2015
– One of the Student Advisory Group for 2017; offered advice on ways to approach our project and also answered any questions we had

Steve Mencarini: Director for the Center for Leadership
– Discussed various meanings of the word/action of “leader” and “leadership”; gave some of us a headache

Field Trip to the Challenge Course
Team building and getting to know one another through different activities
Posted in discussion board

Periclean Cards- Raised $70.00

Pan-Periclean Activities
Organizational Fair
Celebrating Periclean Scholars
Restavek Week (Class of 2015)
Freedom Foundation Benefit Concert
Panel on Human Trafficking
Poverty, Social Injustice, and Migration in Central America Panel (Class of 2016)
Homecoming Tailgate
Monthly Munchies
Reading Day Open House
Education of potential members about Periclean

Other Activities
Discussion of possible project ideas in small groups in class
“Good of the Group” discussions at the beginning of class, relating to possible partners, reactions, etc.|
Got to know other Pericleans through going to social events and getting meals together
Conceptualized the framework for committees and roles in class

Goals for next semester
Begin planning various fundraising methods

Global Citizenship
Continue to discover what it means to be a global citizen
Deepen understanding of Namibia
Commit to attend 2 cultural events
Continue to read/watch movies about Namibia

Get in touch with alumni

Periclean Mindset
Strengthen group unity
Get to know classmates better (weekly lunches and coffee dates)
Keep a “Periclean” mindset while abroad (i.e. don’t forget about Periclean)
Take risks and be open minded to all opportunities
Begin planning Pan-Periclean Events
Work on planning induction for the class of 2018
Create personal as well as class mission statements

Enhanced Knowledge
Read Letters Left Unsent by the end of the spring
Read Toxic Charity in its entirety
Read more of Soul of a Citizen
Read the blog more often
Read more books that relate to community development
Read articles weekly

Moving Forward
Gain insight from citizens and professors on Namibia past and present
Have a basis for a project
Find more ideas for a class project
Establish an area of focus for our class project

Identify potential partners and contacts
Based on both research and findings from our search for partners and contacts target an issue we would like to tackle
Find organizations that are doing work in Namibia or would like to pursue it with us
Reach out to potential contacts in Namibia and see if they have any potential projects we can assist with
Build better relationships with potential charities
Contacts/partners- It is really important to start to make contact with people in Namibia and North Carolina and learn about what organizations are already doing. Maybe from this we will be able to begin to pick a project based off of the work that potential partners are already doing.

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