Update from the Class of 2016

The Class of 2016 spent a small portion of class going over housekeeping issues. Fall scheduling, Relay for Life, Periclean Ambassadors to Global and Elon 101 classes, and the class structure were all discussed.

Casey Morrison worked with our mentor, April Post, on creating a goals committee that would ensure class goals are accounted for by committees. The class plans on expanding this idea to create committees to maintain relationships with our current partner and possible future partners or committees that act as liaisons between specific partners and the class.

Ashley Gherlone shared a presentation “Biodigesters for Honduras”. She originally learned about Biodigesters in her recent experience abroad last semester, and researched the implications of the concept in Honduras. Afterwards, the class spent time considering the logistics of biodigesters for our partners, Hope for Honduran Children.

Morgan Abate explained to the class about contacts she made in Honduras and promised to follow up the discussion with more information on those contacts. Class ended after small group discussion about our Periclean contracts.

Upcoming events: Steve Mencarini, Director of the Center for Leadership at Elon, is coming in to class in two weeks to run a seminar on how to be a high functioning team. The class looks forward to learning from him in hopes of becoming a more focused and productive group!

-Caley and Kerianne

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