Steering Committee Notes 11/21

Class Updates

2016s: The class has been doing feasibility studies and successfully ruled out some infeasible areas of focus. Now they are exploring areas of focus that touch on several issues, such as education and water. The class is also working on final projects. These projects vary from the Cookies to Gogo, updating the portfolio, hosting a Honduran dinner, to communicating with other universities in Honduras, etc.

2015s: The class has two events going on this month! Today, there is a human trafficking panel in Lakeside 214 from 4:00-6:00. Tomorrow there will be a human trafficking/restavek walk in the Iconic Plaza from 4:30-6:00. Outside of that, the class is working exploring opportunities for partnership with their local and Haitian partner, as well as awareness events on campus, for next semester. They are exploring the idea of creating an endowment for students from Restavek Freedom Foundation to attend either Elon University or Elon Academy, but much more discussion is necessary to determine whether it would be beneficial or not. Elon’s international education week may focus on Haiti. They are planning for Alamance for Freedom’s board meetings as well as contributing to their Freedom Run, a 5k to raise the organization’s funds.

2014s: The class is going up to Appalachia a couple days after exams for their Christmas dinner! The fridge for that dinner is currently on the fritz and needs to be replaced. The weekend prior to the dinner, toys are given out for the Christmas season. The class is collecting donated toys (donate them in Lindner!!) for this as well as buying extra toys from Midnight Munchies. Last year, the cap was set at 77 kids, and 14s would love to exceed that cap. They are also collecting monetary donations. The 14s are also working on their Indigogo documentary. The class’s final product is planned to be a comprehensive book of the people they’ve met in Appalachia, and their activities and experiences.


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