Thoughts -and actions!- from a long-time Periclean partner

266Long-time Periclean partner Dr. Lucy Steinitz

Dr. Lucy Steinitz was one of the very first partners of the Class of 2006 as we made our outreach to Namibia.  She “starred” in our documentary series, helped host two of our Pericleans our very first summer together, was a Periclean-in-Residence, and perhaps most importantly help us to organize our “Future Leaders Summit on HIV/AIDS“.

We have remained in close contact over the years and even co-taught an online course entitled “THe Global Impact of HIV/AIDS” from 2006-2010.  Lucy and Bernd are now living and working in Ethiopia and continue in their journey toward a better world for all.

Lucy sent this information about how they are partnering with local Ethiopian students.  This is a great model from which we can all learn a great deal.  Click here:  Assefa student program PP January 2013

On a side note, I recommended to her the MSF book In The Eyes of Others and here was her response (in part):

I will download your suggested book of essays.  But what gets my goat is the notion that there is a one-size/ one-style that fits all approach.  For the destitute, we need to promote (and support) income transfers to create a safety net of support.  Households that are destitute and labor constrained cannot make it on their own, and their kids deserve the same basic opportunities as others.  Households that are slightly better off can benefit from economic strengthening and, to some degree, from economic development (trade, industry, etc) in their country as a whole.  There are other subdivisions that can also be made, as well.  At the same time, however, when governments are dysfunctional, outsiders may have to be more directive than is ideal, because otherwise nothing will get done.  

Wise words, those.

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