2012’s in India: An update from CRHP and Jamkhed

Hi everyone,
Warm greetings from Jamkhed! It rained for 2 days in a row so we hope that
the cycle of drought will end this year. Keep your fingers crossed please.
There are about 120 grassroots workers on campus for trainings, from the
neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh, so the place is buzzing, and in a
couple of weeks 15 international students arrive for a month long course.
The new training center (which came about as a result of the Health for
All film) will soon have walls, and I will be sending updates on my
science center project which hopefully gets off the ground in the next
couple of weeks.
Annie runs the place, well — almost so (!); she has done a wonderful job
as the CRHP fellow supporting various facets of the organization.
Currently she is planning a staff retreat for this weekend (see the
attached action photo). In one month time our next fellow Alyssa will join
CRHP and I am confident she will put her talents to good use and make us
proud. Ravi says that the Elon Fellow is of huge help to CRHP, and
expresses his gratitude for your legacy project as Periclean Scholars.
Martin Kamela (Mentor for the Class of 2012)
crhp1 crhp2
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