Note to the Periclean Scholars Class of 2016

Periclean Scholars Class of 2016,

Welcome and congratulations!  The Induction Ceremony last Thursday was exciting on many levels, and I hope that this first experience as a Periclean has you motivated to more forward as a Class purposefully.

A few items:

1.  Please begin reading and contributing to our blog.  If you would like to become an author please let me know and I will add you immediately.  If you have something to post now just send it to me and I will make sure it appears soon.  Please send your best Induction photos so I can add those as well.

2.  Here is your first homework assignment from me:  read the two linked documents and let me know what you think.  Reading these documents will deepen your understanding of the program and perhaps give you a sense of what the next three (plus) years might look like.

The Role of the Mentor

Being and Becoming a Periclean Scholar

3.  We would love to have a first Newsletter essay from any of the ’16’s, so please send a short essay/reaction/your thoughts to me or

4. We will have at least three more Steering Committee meetings before the end of the year and you are more than welcome to attend any or all of these.  Keep your eye on email for date, time and venue.

5.  Please feel free to stop by 209-C Lindner and say hello.  I would love to meet and get to know all of you as soon as possible.

6.  Finally, please keep in mind that this is your program and your Class.  This program is constantly evolving and I look forward to the new adaptations that your Class will bring.  Stay focused, motivated and, I hope, ever humbled by the knowledge that you have the privilege of serving humanity through this experience.

All the best,


Tom Arcaro

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