Natasha! Live, from Afghanistan

Natasha!  Live, from Afghanistan

Natasha Christensen, Class of 2007, recently reported in from Afghanistan where she is serving the United States in helping the transition efforts for the US military.  She Skyped into my SOC 111 on March 5th when students asked her about her experiences. When asked why she was there in natashaClassAfghanistan instead of back in DC with all of the Starbucks (note:  she is an admitted coffee aficionado) she replied that “staying in comfort zones makes you complacent and stupid.”  I could not agree more.

In a chat with me just now she embellished further on the “why” question:

“It really is all about putting a face, a name, a story or an experience to an issue for me. Once I do that, once I’ve become a witness. It informs and influences everything I do and what I know to actively pursue a way to help in a substantive way. Elie Weisel said something about everyone becoming a witness, and sharing what they’ve seen – so no one can ever say “they didn’t know” again. (He said that when he visited Elon actually when I was an undergrad in 2004) That’s the point and purpose that resonates with me. I think it’s something a lot of Elon grads feel.”

Those lucky to be on Facebook with Natasha are constantly regaled with her #Stanstories.  Pure unadulterated Natasha, all.

This quotation comes from her page:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” –Anais Nin

Natasha lives life large, no doubt.

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