Steering Committee 3-7-13 Notes

Agenda Provided by Director Arcaro:


Name change update
Newsletter update
Class updates

Induction Ceremony and Week of Reflection on Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility: Mid April, everyone come, and look for email from Dr. Arcaro! Two guest speakers, Kevin Tripani, is an incredible speaker and a long time friend of Periclean Scholars. Other guest speaker, Tessla M. is a Central American PR for Cargil’s Food responsibility and development program, as well as an alumni of the Periclean Scholars Program. She will be the keynote speaker for the 2016 Induction Ceremony. What is corporate responsibility and food security in developing countries?

Dr. Arcaro is entering the Periclean class into Kalamazoo’s Arcus Center: Global Prize for Collaborative Social Leadership tomorrow. This will provide funding for the program! Finalists for competition will travel to Kalamazoo on May 10th and 11th. Dr. Arcaro reminds us of the long-term commitment of Periclean Scholars, encourage other institutions to replicate program.

Name Change Update: Dr. Arcaro will be meeting with President Lambert tomorrow to discuss name change. Class Updates will be provided. Name change is currently postponed until futher notice.

Updated steering committee members on Periclean Blog, feel free to add anyone in your class and send the link to your friends and family.

Class 2016/2015 Update: Induction: Induction is currently being planned by Colby, Susie, Cat, Georgia and Shelby. Met with Crista yesterday (Colby and Susie) and now have a template to discuss in class on Tuesday. If you would like to become involved with the induction, please contact one of the five. It is scheduled for April 11th from 5 to 6:30 pm. Colby met with April Post to discuss induction ideas and potential retreat between 2015 and 2016. All class retreat idea in progress for next fall (freshmen through senior); more to be planned. Class on 3-5 was very successful, emails will be sent to potential partners by next Tuesday.

Class 2013’s Mexico: Currently working on Global Pods, they are scheduled for March 20th and March 21st before Spring Break.

If you would like to read two books referred to by Dr. Arcaro, come to his office! They are..” That The World May Know” by James Dawes, and “Toxic Charity” by Robert Lupton.


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