2/21 Steering Committee Notes

News from Arcaro:

Steering Committee: Purpose of these meetings is communication between the classes. blogs.elon.edu/pericleanscholars. Keep up with this; class notes, steering committee meetings, overall social media and transparency within the project. This is one collective platform that current classes, alumni, and outside interest groups can keep up to date on what’s going on in each class and in the overall project. “Keep a culture of inclusivity.” The program works best when all of the classes are working to support each other. This is a mechanism to go in that direction!

We can make this page visually appealing and get many different parties interested not only in the overall program but each of the classes’ projects. WordPress is easy to use and easy to learn. Hyperlinks, pictures, videos, organization, etc. The more pathways we provide for meaningful communication, the more likely this communication is likely to occur

Upcoming events: Wednesday, Feb 27th, 4:00 (tentative) Agustin Landa: Vice President of Development. He is our primary connection for University of Monterey and is visiting Elon for the day. (This is the university that is modeling a project after Elon’s Periclean Scholars chapter) He should meet some of the current Pericleans! He is a great connection, and it would be great to get him interested in this, for both us, him, and the University of Monterey.

Feedback from the community: Judith Ramaley: on the board of the national board of Project Pericles. She read Dr. Arcaro’s paper about duplicating our program. “The Crucible Moment” challenged universities to change their structure, architecture and how they approach involvement. She affirmed that Periclean Scholars is an innovative project, and that it not only could be replicated, but that is should. Good feedback!

Keep up the good work! People are looking at our cohorts and giving thumbs up.

Class Updates

Appalachia: 3:30 Movie screening on Saturday in McEwen!
Mexico: Planning for leading pods in the spring and working on a script for a documentary about the same information.
Haiti: Senior year, spring or fall, we should organize and teach a pod. Currently, we are narrowing our partner organizations and planning the induction.

Send in articles for the Newsletter! And pictures!

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