Steering Committee Minutes – 9/13/12

Pan- Periclean Meeting 9-13-12


Dr. Tom Arcaro- Director

Tara Corbett- Class of 2013

Sally Spurr- Class of 2013

Alex Lake- Class of 2013

Beth McKie- Class of 2014

Raymond Haack- Class of 2010

Katie Hadobas- Class of 2014

Emily Forinash- Class of 2014

Susie Masecar- Class of 2015

Colby Halligan- Class of 2015



Health For All Expo- In Paris, Dr. Tom Arcaro will represent Elon University

Changing the Name of Periclean:

Bigger picture name- “Periclean 2.0”

  • Periclean needs a new name to help replicate program
  • Institutions understand program but there is a difficult learning curve and institutions have a lack of resources/ finances
  • Elon will be a model for other universities
  • Periclean is an Elon University initiative
  • We need to change the name to demonstrate we are a distinct part of Project Pericles
  • To change the name we want the help of current students, mentors, partners, alumni, and facility; everyone is involved
  • The outcome of renaming and the process is important
  • We need concrete input on the process!
  • How do we enact vision?
  • Alex Lake writing prompt explaining what we want the name to entail
  • Raymond Haack is creating a google doc so scholars can offer ideas
  • Scholars want employers to be able to look on a resume and understand the meaning of the group
  • Become more clearly branded
  • No timeline for name, but urgency!!
  • Arcaro hopes to have it finished by “Celebrate” on October 4th


Class Updates

  • 2013: The class of 2013 has been providing health sessions with Hispanic women. Their current focus is on  “women’s health.” This summer the class focused locally. They are currently planning their winter term trip. This entails who is going and where they are traveling in Chiapas, Mexico. The class wants to continue local engagement throughout the year. They are planning on having women come to campus from Latin America. They hope to provide more information on childhood nutrition. Their long term goal is to focus on general health, as well as, to advocate for resources for the Hispanic community. Their on campus involvement includes offering zumba classes for local Hispanic women as well as a cooking class. Tip from Class of 2013: Plan ahead with credits to study abroad and team build!


  • 2014: The class of 2014 has been planning a Symposium scheduled for February 18th. This symposium will begin with college coffee then progress into a panel involving health issues and information. In the evening, there will be music performed by Appalachian musicians. The class is interested in bringing people from the Appalachian region to Elon for a film and a question and answer session. This summer, they completed their scheduling for the Symposium. In addition, Derek Mullen, a connection the class developed last year, will be a speaker at Global Pods. The class hopes to host Appalachian people who are interested in speaking to Elon classes. The Foundation, Keeper of the Mountain is coming to Elon to discuss the Appalachian region. The class is having difficulty, because the majority of their class is studying abroad. Tip From Class of 2014: Discuss studying abroad, as well as, team build!


  • 2015: The class of 2015 has helped provide money for a Haitian student’s college tuition through a connection with scholar, Stephanie. We are currently working in groups and gathering information about the country. The class is providing a table at Campus Fest next week. Possible educational opportunities would be to connect with Courtney Latta 09’ scholar and learn Creole. Latta currently works with the 2013 class and worked in Haiti for two years. She experienced the earthquake in Port-Au-Prince. She currently lives in Chapel Hill and is pursuing her masters in Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill.  Additional information for Class of 2015 is Dr. Arcaro went to Laogone, Haiti in August to get a sense of logistics. He is willing to discuss his trip to any of the scholars.


Upcoming Periclean Events

  • Celebrate Event on October 4th- Maya Angelou Night- Pericleans will celebrate prior to speaker from 5:30 to 6:00 pm, food will be provided. From 6:00- 7:00 pm each class will provide a speaker to give an update about class progress. This presentation should be between three and five minutes. In addition, two alumni will be discussing their journey through Periclean Scholars. Do we want to give an invitation to administration? Steven House? President Lambert?
  • Campus Wide Political Debate is Thursday October 25 in Whitley Aud. at 6 or 6:30 pm. Periclean Scholars are taking lead of the event, but also working with SGA and other organizations.
  • At College Coffee this coming Tuesday, students will have the opportunity to place poker chips in their debate topics of choice. Participate!
  • Next Meeting for Pan-Periclean Steering Committee is 9-27-12


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