Motor Co. Grill

We arrived at Franklin right around dinnertime, settled into our hostel for the next two nights and immediately asked, where are we going to eat? I had done some research on places to eat in the area, but we decided to ask our host, and see what was popular around town. Our host provided us with a map of the town, that contained every place that mattered. He asked us what we wanted to eat, and me being me, I said I wanted burgers. He said that the best place to have burgers in town was this place called, Motor Company Grill. The menu online said that they had over 30 different types of burgers. I was sold. 

As we entered the place, we quickly noticed they had a 50’s style diner vibe happening. The place had black and white checkered floors paired with red walls, that had portraits and pictures of famous celebrities in black and white. The atmosphere was welcoming and it felt like a good place for friends and family, or even a first date.

We were greeted at the door, and taken to a booth, where we saw the glorious menu. They had options for everybody, you could replace the meat patty for a turkey or veggie patty if needed, which cannot be said for every burger joint. The staff was very attentive, and when we asked for what they would recommend they quickly told us their own, as well as other popular options.

I started browsing through the menu, considering what I wanted to have, and mind you, I was very hungry. That is when I landed on the “The King.” This burger had two fresh seasoned beef patties, paired with cheddar, swiss, bacon, grilled Onions and mushrooms. Normally, in these places the patties are not too big so I felt confident in ordering the two patties, but this burger lived up to its name. This was indeed the king of burgers. It was huge, the patties were cooked to perfection and you could taste everything on it.

Once we finished eating, we were all fully satisfied. But we were not done. Our hostel had this arrangement with several businesses around Franklin, that if you wore a rubber band you could get certain deals at the establishments. And at Motor Co.,we got free sundaes. These sundaes were classic vanilla ice cream with fudge, and they were delicious.

It was hands down the best meal we had all weekend. The environment was so nice and welcoming, the food was amazing and the service as well. Anybody who visits Franklin, North Carolina needs to visit this place and live, as well as eat, this experience for themselves.

Written by: Myrta Santana-Santini