The Daily Grind & Wine

The rooftop view at Daily Grind & Wine (photo by Jake Hackman)

By Johvonn Smith, 2017

On our first full day on the trip, we started in Murphy, NC. We decided to get up
relatively early since we knew that we had a full day of traveling ahead of us. After checking out
of the hotel, we decided to head toward downtown Murphy where we hoped to find people to
talk to and find a place to eat breakfast. The drive was no more than 10 minutes and we
immediately started walking and taking pictures once we found a safe place to park. Jake stopped
to ask a police officer where we could eat breakfast and she directed us towards The Daily Grind
and Wine. This small diner/coffee shop had a quiet and southern vibe that seemed to fit perfectly
in Murphy. We immediately realized that The Daily Grind & Wine was a staple in Murphy.
Every customer that entered was known by name, and the workers also knew exactly what the
person was going to order. After wandering around and looking at the menu for a while, we
finally decided to order.

Inside the Daily Wine & Grind. (Photo by Johvonn Smith)

I ordered a cheese and bacon biscuit and hot chocolate, with no expectations considering
I was not familiar with the city or the diner. The hot chocolate came first which was perfect
considering I was extremely cold from being outside. The hot chocolate had whipped cream on top, and was made with fresh ingredients; most importantly, it tasted amazing. Even though I ordered a small drink, the size was still rather large, which made it even better. Shortly after drinking some of my hot chocolate, my biscuit came out, again giving me a pleasant surprise. The biscuit was made with their own special recipe, and it was delicious. The only downside to the biscuit is that the bacon was rather rubbery, but aside from that the texture of everything else was amazing. Overall, the taste was amazing, and I would definitely recommend The DailyGrind & Wine if you ever find yourself in Murphy, NC. Their servers are extremely nice and welcoming and provide a southern atmosphere that you would expect in a small town likeMurphy. In addition, you will find pictures and tons of rich history posted throughout the diner,along with a plethora of wine options to choose from in the back of the diner.