The Brevard Breakfast Club

By Kelsey O’Connell

In the small town of Brevard, breakfast is hard to come by. Restaurants have come and gone with the times and that’s why one breakfast club in particular meets at one of the only breakfast joints in town, Mayberry’s.

The group has been meeting, in part or in whole, for 19 years of Saturday breakfasts. The group consisted of 9 men and women, all over fifty, on the day when my group and I walked into Mayberry’s.  I noticed them because they looked like locals; they were all comfortable and knew the waitress’ names. I ordered my breakfast and then decided to ask them about their experience with Brevard and Route 64.

The group was extremely welcoming, offering me a seat and jumping right into conversation. I learned that the members of the group all lived in Brevard and four were natives, some even attended Brevard College in town. However, not all were natives. Some had decided to move to Brevard after attending band camp there or even just driving through the quiet town. The group believed that the band camps, which have made Brevard famous, have been a catalyst for attendees later moving to Brevard.

The camps are not all that have made Brevard famous. The breakfast club thought that the town of Brevard had increased in size and notoriety since its association with Route 64. Though this increase has changed Brevard, it has also allowed tourists to experience the waterfalls, outdoors, and music associated with the town. The town has recently been written up in a major biking magazine and has attracted Dale’s Pale Ale to come to Brevard. Additionally, the music from the conductor of the Boston Pops is a major draw.

The residents remember a time when they knew the names of everyone in town even when they were “related to half the town,” but still appreciate the benefits of the growth. As two of the group received cards to celebrate their anniversary, I slipped away to let 19 years of traditions continue undisturbed.