Frog & The Dragon Boutique

By Emilia Azar -2014

Frog & The Dragon Boutique physically appears to be wearing away — how ironic, since the owner herself is a vibrant, chatty woman named Judy Peppers who is constantly on the move. The building itself is the last stop on a street of shops in the “downtown” area of Brasstown. Despite the term “downtown,” the area itself is not urban; rather it is right off a large hill and in a country, picturesque area of the town. Judy’s shop has a very antique feel, as the building is probably over 100 years old. The exterior has been painted in bright colors: aqua, pink, and purple tones. Although small in size, inside you will discover a large number of locally made products – beautiful jewelry, hand-painted kitchen utensils, and clothes made out of organic materials. My eyes were drawn to a white dress that perfectly describes the shop – simple, elegant, and fun. That combination is rare to find anywhere, but in Brasstown, it is the norm.