Buck’s Coffee Cafe

By Nicole Esplin, 2013

The atmosphere at Buck’s Coffee Cafe is eclectic, rustic, and sophisticated in a homey kind of way.  It’s nestled right on the corner between Highways 64 and 107 and draws a crowd of locals and visitors.  White wooden paneled siding and hardwood floors give the cafe a chic, clean and unassuming look.  Scattered around the shop there are antiques, jewelry, furniture, and gift items for sale.  Towards the back of the cafe, there are more unique finds including everything from cuff links made out of World Series-winning baseballs to bottle openers made from golf clubs used by professional golfers.  The Odds and Ends Shop, which serves as a gift shop within Buck’s Coffee Cafe is a unique aspect that you would not find at your neighborhood coffee shop.  Other items for sale included soaps, chairs made from animal hide, tables carved from stumps, jewelry, pottery, wine, coffee and tea.

A coffee shop review isn’t official without an in-depth analysis of the ‘joe served at the counter, and Buck’s coffee was a nice break from the Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks that college students know so well.  The mochas at Buck’s Coffee were slightly sweet, but still held the bitterness that coffee should promise.  There’s a definite distinction between mochas and hot chocolate, and when coffee drinkers can’t distinguish between the two, the purpose of the beverage becomes blurred.  Buck’s Coffee pulled off both the bitterness and sweet, creamy feel that mocha should embody.  And, the extra foam swirled artistically at the top of my cup didn’t hurt either.  A lemon poppy seed loaf with a cream cheese swirl filling complimented the coffee nicely and rounded off a pleasant coffee experience. Whether you are on the go or planning to sink into one of the leather armchairs that practically swallow you whole, Buck’s Coffee Cafe thoughtfully attends to all its customers.