Review of Mayberry’s Soup and Sandwich

By Dani Halliday, 2016




Mayberry’s was an adorable bistro in downtown Brevard. A bar separated us from the kitchen as we ordered. I chose the ginger turkey sandwich and tomato soup combo, with a cream cheese swirl brownie on the side. This meal completely hit the spot. Warm and gooey sandwiches and thick, hearty soups warmed me up from the inside out. I saved the brownie for the car ride home.

Mayberry’s makes everything in house, whether it was sauces, soups, or their sandwiches and dinner entrees. They specialize in comfort food, which is exactly how I would define my own meal. Comfort food is all about gooey, homey meals that feel like you’ve eaten a hug. The restaurant was one of the few restaurants that was simply priced (about $8 for a sandwich and cup of soup) and was actually open on a Sunday in Brevard. Wine and beer were available for purchase (starting at 12p though since it is illegal in NC to sell alcohol before noon), as well as Bloody Mary, Long Island Iced Tea, and Screwdrivers. We all stuck to water.

Mayberry’s made us feel right at home in Brevard, with its wooden floors and walls, colorful signs featuring the White Squirrel Festival in May, and eclectic groups of people enjoying a casual meal as well. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who needs a quick stop for a simple meal. The atmosphere warms you up as much as the food does and the restaurant bid us a fond farewell from Highway 64 as we headed back to Elon.