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In watching Troika Design Group’s videos, I was continually blown away by the vast amount of collaboration that goes into both their creative process and final product. Though their team is on the smaller side, with only 25 people, I thought it was interesting (in a good way) that they also utilized the creative culture of Hollywood to bring in freelancers in order to keep their work fresh and innovative.

I also enjoyed that they grouped designers with designers, animators with animators when it came to the floor plan of their office. Even though these people may be working on different projects, they’ll have someone nearby to collaborate, brainstorm, or bounce ideas off of.

Listening to Dan Pappalardo describe Troika’s creative process was the most enjoyable part about the entire collection of videos about Troika. The idea that what clients are paying for is more of the Troika process as opposed to the Troika final product was an interesting concept. Obviously, the final product is the highlight of the client-agency relationship, but I loved the concept of these teams coming together to work together to creatively solve a problem and find answers to the client needs. Starting with a blank space and really reaching out to do something innovative and imaginative while still keeping the client needs in mind is really ambitious, but it’s obvious from their projects with both Starz and Oxygen, that they deliver.

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