How to become Famous. But not really

I really do not think that fame applies when it is in the realm of graphic designers, yes you can be the top designer in the world, but lets face it that just allows you to be severely mean and make up your own schedule. It does not designate you paparazzi and screaming fans.

Michael Bierut however does do a great job of making some obvious (but necessary) points and some insider tips for distinguishing great work from good work. However while I think anyone would find ‘160’ slides of anything boring, I feel like pointing out basic presentation skills pointless, these all seem like logical trains of thought, do not read from your script, say something funny etc etc. Graphic designers are not a different type of people, just more critical.

However how to do great work holds a lot of points that I would of thought that graphic designers would generally frown upon. Making posters may not seem like the most glamorous work assignment however in the general sense it is probably the best way to display your own style and your own creativity. Always doing good work, even if it’s for a company that you your morals may not naturally lie with, someone may question your willingness to associate your design with said company but they will never be able to question your design ability if it is great work.

Always be nice. I feel strongly about this in life, being nice is extremely under rated. You never know how you can effect someone’s day by merely being kind, you may become a highly acclaimed and important designer yet that does not give you a free pass not to be a decent human. I believe that nice people really do finish first.

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