30 Conversations with Designers

The idea that everywhere we go should have design implemented into it is a fantastic idea. I am not sure if this relates to people who are not interested in design, but I know when I go someplace where design is at the forefront it puts me in a better mood. If I could drive down the road and see beautiful works of art along the way, that are carefully designed and uniquely beautiful then maybe sitting in traffic wouldn’t be as bad. I know when I use my iPhone I get a sense of comfort, and I feel better because of how beautiful and stunning it is. Just typing in my password brings amazement, and the urge to want to create something as beautiful.

If one could sit on the subway and look at many different posters about creating a better world it could inspire them to do good things. People want to be engaged and they want to learn, but we do not create opportunities for them to be inspired. We all get stuck in our monotonous routines that we do not take a step back and realize just how beautiful the world can be.

Another video I watched was of Daniel Pink. He talked about how the best design idea was the eraser. I had never thought of the eraser as being something that inspires designs. Once he explained his reasoning I realized that it truly helped us to create even better designs. When we know we can erase and start over it gives us the ability not to be constrained to having to do our best the first time. If we did not have the eraser then we would settle for what we have because we wouldn’t want to start the whole project over.

Finally, I loved Jessica Heflands answer that her students inspire her the most. The idea that design is always changing is an idea I will take away from this. A great designer stays up with the times and doesn’t get stuck in one area. I found it interesting that she looks to her students for new ideas, but it makes sense. Young people always know more about new trends and fads. If we continue to look to them then as a designer you will be the most up to date on what is “in”. I will defiantly remember this idea as I pursue a career in design.

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