Stitch Bitch

“Stitch Bitch,” is an article with an interesting topic and a poor execution.  The author floods the reader from the get-go with a wealth of haphazard ideas on why life isn’t really what it seems, how we as humans and in much of the literary world preach the idea of a clear understanding of how life, and in relation art are supposed to work, without truly ever doing more than complaining about the state of events.  The author focuses in on our attempts within society to explain the body and describe it as our own, yet many of the processes evolved as we sit here go on without any direction from us.  She further discusses that we write books and tell stories engrossing our readers in what is nothing more than a “lemmings jumping off the cliff” mentality in that the outcome and linear pattern are meant to induce the same outcome again and again, taking each reader on a specific and highly orchestrated journey to get to the same conclusion.  The idea that we as viewers, readers, and above all else intellectual beings, should want to be freed from the bounds of preconceived ideas of predicability and “right ways” of doing things especially in the arts where free thinking and creativity should run with abandon should be of value and worthy discussion, but in a sounder setting than the schizophrenic manner in which the author leads us.  By constantly moving from one topic to another without room for sound reasoning, the author does not come off as the renegade with which one would want to align, slaying the dragons of rules and authority, but rather without valuation behind the ideas the author is spouting we’re left in a fog of confusion that elicits more irritation than it does critical thinking.

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