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Blogs by Pericleans and Friends of Pericleans

Blogs by Pericleans and Friends of Pericleans

Click below to follow the blogs of Pericleans doing great work all around the world.


1.  Colby Erin Halligan, 15
Recipient of the  2014 Udall Scholarship, Colby was chosen for the 2014 Spannocchia Internship and will spend the summer in Italy.
From Colby:
I am beginning a blog to document my adventures to Italy (and throughout the world this summer) and wanted to share my thoughts, ideas, and passions with each of you. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful summer!
2.  Natalie Lampert, ’11
3.  Tom Arcaro and J (collaborator and author)
4. Jenn Pierson, ’06
I blogged a bit in Namibia and hope to be able to blog in South America this summer.

Class 2006
Prekindergarten teacher in Washington DC at a bilingual Public school.  Enjoying living in Washington, DC again and I recently was awarded a grant to study Spanish in Ecuador this summer.
5.  Dr Lucy Stienitz, partner ’06
Co-Founder of Catholic AIDS Action in Namibia and now working in Ethiopia, Dr. Stienitz co-taught “The Global Impact of HIV/AIDS for five summers with Director Tom Arcaro and was a Periclean-in-Residence in 2007.


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