5 Moodle tips to start the semester

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It’s time to get your Moodle courses ready! Here are five helpful (and short) tutorials for building your Moodle course at the start of the semester.

Elon Kickbox deadline extended, students have more time to submit ideas

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We've extended the deadline for the 2nd annual Elon Kickbox until after finals! We know this is a busy time of the semester and you shouldn't have to choose between studying for an exam and applying for a Kickbox.  Applications are now due on Monday, Dec. 19 at 8 AM, AKA, after finals 🙂 Elon Kickbox ...

REPOST: Online alternatives during inclement weather

A map of Friday

The last class day of Winter Term is Friday. And if the forecast holds, it's also the day of the biggest snowstorm of the year. Luckily, Elon has online tools that make it possible to submit assignments, take exams and even talk with your class remotely. Here is a repost of an article that Scott ...

Top 10 technology stories at Elon in 2015

2015 ribbon

The Elon community used technology in many exciting ways in 2015. Elon's first makerspace, the Maker Hub, gave students access to technology that was not available to them just last year. The Writing with Thumbs project produced a repository of student-written reviews of iPad apps for academic use. Instructional videos were becoming more of a ...

NCSAM Week 5: Building the next generation of cyber professionals

Image of child at a computerImage of child at a computer

One thing can be said about the quickening pace of technology innovation in the information age: the revolution is coming to us. How we prepare our next generation of cyber professionals is key to our ability to adapt and thrive in such a dynamic environment.

Getting past the alpha geek mentality: makerspaces on campus

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Makerspaces are popping up everywhere in North Carolina. Universities, private colleges, public schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations are building these spaces to encourage tinkering and innovation. Elon is no exception—we opened our first makerspace, dubbed the Maker Hub, this fall. Since Elon is now part of the larger maker movement in North Carolina, the university recently ...

Summer upgrades and improvements

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Over the summer, Instructional & Campus Technologies made a number of improvements that will impact students, faculty, and staff. Below are some highlights.  Microsoft Office Over the summer, all Windows computer labs and newly issued Windows computers were updated to Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.). Visit the Technology Wiki for general information about Office 2013, including links to ...

Building the maker movement: Spring recap

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It is a very exciting time to be a maker at Elon. Our makerspace, called the Maker Hub, is under construction and is set to open this fall. However, the maker movement on campus has already begun. Last spring, Elon makers held several events to build awareness and excitement about making at Elon. Below is a quick summary ...

Top 10 blogs at Elon in 2014-15

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Elon is using WordPress, the popular blogging platform, in many interesting ways. We're using it to promote university initiatives, to share reflections on study abroad experiences, as a repository of academic videos, to organize conferences and as a basic course communication tool. Here's a quick snapshot of Elon's WordPress blogs from June 1, 2014 - May 31, ...

Get connected to Elon’s maker community

Never use machines when alone

Get connected to the maker community this spring through a series of events led by Elon makers. At these events, you'll learn about interesting technologies (like 3d printing) and futuristic projects happening at Elon (like a quadcopter delivery system). If you don't consider yourself a maker (yet), don't worry. The workshops require no prior experience ...