5 Moodle tips to start the semester

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Image of a start lineIt’s time to get your Moodle courses ready! Here are five helpful (and short) tutorials for building your Moodle course at the start of the semester. 

#1 Import content from previous courses

Did you teach the same course last semester? Then there’s no need to start from scratch. Follow these instructions to move the resources and activities from a previous course into your new course. You’ll have the option to take everything or pick and choose specific items.

#2 Combine two sections into one Moodle course

If you’re teaching multiple sections of the same course, you can link the two courses together. The result is one Moodle course that includes students from both sections. The advantage? You only build and manage one course. The disadvantage? It can get confusing if you have different due dates for assignments. Learn how to link courses together in Moodle.

#3 Create assignments in Moodle

Moodle’s assignment tool has several benefits over email or paper-and-pen submissions. Learn how to use Moodle’s assignment tool.

#4 Create and share videos in Moodle

Moodle has a new video tool that offers several great features. It’s called Kaltura and includes a built-in screen recording tool, a video quizzing tool (so you can add quiz questions directly within a video), and automatic captions. Learn more about Kaltura.

#5 Set up your Moodle grade book with weighted grades

The start of the semester is a good time to set up your grade book in Moodle. Students appreciate being able to monitor their grades and, when used with Moodle assignments, it can make it easier for you to track grades and submissions. Learn how to set up your grade book with weighted grades.

BONUS: Make your Moodle course available to students

Here’s one bonus tip. Your students can’t see your Moodle site unless you make it visible to them. This doesn’t happen automatically on the first day of class. When you’re ready, follow these steps so students can see your course.  If you don’t do this, students can’t see your Moodle course. It’s kind of important.

But wait, there’s more

This is only a preview of the Moodle help that is available. We have tutorials to help you use Moodle like a pro. There are tips for creating forums (Moodle’s term for discussion boards), groups, online quizzes, badges, and more. Visit the Knowledge Base for more tutorials for using Moodle.

Have a Moodle question? Contact the Service Desk at 336.278.5200.

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