Writing with Thumbs: Composition and media on mobile devices

Writing with thumbs iconThe Writing with Thumbs project is a year-long look at iPad apps and accessories that support writing. The goal of the project is to help students, faculty and staff identify devices, accessories and applications that could help them write and create multimedia-enhanced text.

Throughout the 2014-15 year, Elon’s Technology blog will feature app and iPad accessory reviews written by students. We’re challenging the student writers to use several apps in their day-to-day lives as students, critically analyze those apps, and then generate detailed, multimedia-supported reviews for a targeted audience. These reviews are designed to be detailed,  reflective and add meaningful contributions to the conversation about the roll of iPads in writing and education. Scroll down to see the list of articles.

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  • TeacherKit: The classroom management app teachers will love
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    TeacherKit is the all-in-one classroom management app for teachers of all grade levels. With different features such as roster, attendance, a timetable for lesson planning, behavior monitoring, a grade-book, progress reports, and an awesome feature called callout, this app keeps everything a teacher could possibly need right at his or her fingertips. Read on to see why this is the … Continue Reading

  • Personal health made manageable with MyFitnessPal
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    It’s closing in on the end of spring semester, and things are happening fast. Final group projects are kicking into gear, exams are on the (not too distant) horizon, summer job and internship plans are being finalized, and student groups have end-of-year events to organize. Basically, everyone has a to-do list eight miles long and it feels there isn’t enough … Continue Reading

  • Duet Display: The app for multi-taskers
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    Calling all multi-taskers!  I have the app for you. Duet Display is an app that allows the user to connect their iPad to their Mac computer and have it work as a second monitor. It’s an amazing concept, I know.  I too almost cried from excitement. As an avid multi-tasker, I normally have a million windows and applications open all at the … Continue Reading

  • Make life’s projects and events easier with OmniFocus
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    As the school year comes to an end for most college students, we find ourselves overwhelmed with multiple group projects, papers and tests.  Our time management skills are put to the test as we scramble to finish this semester’s work while still finding the time to attend all those fun social events that come with the warm weather as well. … Continue Reading

  • Every math student needs MyScript Calculator
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    MyScript Calculator is the calculator we all wish we had in elementary school. It works by simply writing your equation into the app and it solves it for you. No need to write the equation out on paper and then punch it into your calculator. With MyScript Calculator, you can do that all in one place. Read more to see … Continue Reading

  • Scholarship search made easy with Scholly
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    Many college students are under the impression that once they’ve begun their undergraduate careers, the window for scholarship applications has closed. On the contrary, there are thousands of scholarship opportunities open to undergrads; it’s just a matter of finding them. But sometimes, this is the hardest part. You could spend a lot of time Googling some variance of the word “scholarship” plus … Continue Reading

  • My iPad and me: Five months later
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    After using the iPad for about five months, I feel like I have learned a few things. Being more hands on with my writing has improved my writing and editing skills, and having access to a tablet and a nearly unlimited amount of apps has made me much more tech savvy. I’ve used many apps, done tons of research on which apps are best, and read reviews by my peers.Through my participation the Writing with Thumbs project and reviewing apps with academic purposed, I’ve gained not only technology skills, but writing skills as well. Not to brag, but I consider myself an iPad expert at this point. These are the things I have learned in my time with the iPad. Continue Reading

  • Use Explain Everything to explain… everything
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    Explain Everything is an app with the purpose of doing just that: explaining everything. Described by its creators as an interactive white board, there really isn’t much that you can’t do with Explain Everything. With the ability to type, draw or insert videos, pictures, documents, clip art, and webpages, you can customize your presentations however you would like. Explain Everything also … Continue Reading

  • Goodbye, messy planners; hello, Homework App Sync
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    Since the spring semester has started, I figured that it’s time to buckle down and focus on the work at hand. This semester, I have been adamantly against the idea of purchasing a planner partly because I’ve had a personal New Year’s goal of becoming more technology-focused, and partly because I am trying to be more “green.” In all of … Continue Reading

  • Get trusted medication info with Davis’s Drug Guide
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    As a physician assistant student, I hear so many different pharmaceutical drug names thrown around all the time. Whether it be generic or brand names, the list of FDA approved medications is never ending and continues to grow each day. No medical provider or student can possibly memorize every single drug out there, each containing a long list of side effects, … Continue Reading