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Dr. Hollingsworth introduces Arduino as a way to bring computing to life during #MakeElon event

11119754_10152692293236296_2530596729620866045_nTo someone unfamiliar with the world of making or computing, Arduino can seem too complicated to learn in an hour workshop. A combination hardware-software programming system, Arduino allows users to write code to program a particular device’s functionality.

However, Dr. Joel Hollingsworth of the computer science department not only simplified how Arduino works, but led the group in creating their own light sensitive as a part of the #MakeElon series.

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Students introduced to circuitry at #MakeElon workshop

LittleBits Maker MeetupWhat do chickens, fire trucks, and alarm clocks have in common? They are all among the projects created during a #MakeElon workshop featuring Legos and LittleBits electronics. During the workshop, Kenneth Wilson, Coordinator of Interactive Projects at Elon, guided a group of faculty and entrepreneurship students through the basics of circuitry and electronic projects before releasing the power of LittleBits into their hands for experimentation. Read on to see the creations and learn about the endless uses of LittleBits electronics.

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An easy way to report technology problems

Earlier this spring, Capturethe Technology Service Desk launched our FootPrints service, giving faculty, staff, and students the ability to report non-urgent technology problems online. Since the launch, many faculty and staff have taken to using this service as a convenient alternative to calling the Technology Service Desk. Continue reading »

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What’s in a video?

A video editing software

Accessible software on the Internet today makes video editing possible for anyone.

Thanks to the technology that is available at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to join an advocacy movement, become a celebrity overnight, and learn the answer behind every trivia fact and questionable medical syndrome. But there is one technological trick that many people may shy away from: video editing. When the infamous class presentation assignment comes up, we watch scores of PowerPoints along with a few Prezi presentations, but rarely any self-made videos.

You may think, “I’m not a communications major, how do I know how edit a video?” Or, “videos are so much more work.” But, the Internet has a number of resources that makes learning video software easier than ever. There are a variety of basic video editing software that take only a couple of minutes to download on to your laptop. Best of all, some of them are free and work with clips from your mobile device. Here are some options for user-friendly video software. In honor of the first week of professional baseball, below are software options batting in the little league all the way to the World Series. Continue reading »

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New Media Services equipment: rent a camera or use your phone

The Zoom iQ5 plugs in via your iDevice’s Lightning connector. Image via Zoom-na.com

The Zoom iQ5 plugs in via your iDevice’s Lightning connector. Image via Zoom-na.com

Media Services has introduced a few new items to its inventory this year, with a focus on enabling students to get more functionality out of devices that they already own. As high-quality cameras have become common on devices like smartphones and laptops, there’s less need for separate camcorders and microphones. Of course, smartphone recordings aren’t perfect for every situation, so we’ll also talk about a few devices dedicated to recording high-quality video. Continue reading »

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Dr. Alan Russell leads instruction in the art of kirigami during #MakeElon workshop

_MG_8117Dr. Alan Russell of the mathematics department is no stranger to the complex shapes and masterful folds of origami. This past winter term, he taught a upper-level general studies course all about the math principles involved in origami folding. But at March’s #MakeElon worshop, he took the paper-folding discipline in a new direction: kirigami.

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Dr. Eric Bauer uses Moodle to simplify the peer review process

6735929719_d6f13e0c3e_zFor years, Dr. Eric Bauer of the biology department has had students peer-review term papers and lab reports, and struggled to find an effective way to send papers back and forth. What he didn’t know was a solution was right in front of him. With the help of Moodle’s workshop tool, Dr. Bauer has made the process easier and more effective for himself and his students.

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Best Practices with DIY Video: LIGHTS!

darkness into lightDo you record your own videos for class? Do you want them to look better? This is part one of a series on recording great videos. The first section, LIGHTS!, will focus on setting up your lights to make you look even better. We’ll follow it up with CAMERA!, a brief overview on setting up your camera and background. Finally, ACTION! will share ideas that will help with the actual process of recording.

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Every math student needs MyScript Calculator

Girl Does math on the iPadMyScript Calculator is the calculator we all wish we had in elementary school. It works by simply writing your equation into the app and it solves it for you. No need to write the equation out on paper and then punch it into your calculator. With MyScript Calculator, you can do that all in one place. Read more to see why its the one app every math student should have:
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Farewell, Internet Explorer

August browser-death-bedmarks the twentieth anniversary of Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s flagship web browser. On the eve of such an anniversary, many were caught off-guard at the end of March when Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer would take a backseat to a new browser—tentatively titled Project Spartan. Die-hard fans of IE shouldn’t worry quite yet, as Microsoft noted that Project Spartan will serve as an alternative to Internet Explorer, rather than as a replacement. Continue reading »

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