Elon Nursing Students Help Pioneer E-Connect Apple iPad Initiative

Posted on: October 18, 2021 | By: Grant Looper | Filed under: Instructional Technologies, News, Teaching & Learning

Elon University embraces innovation on all fronts — and the School of Health Sciences is taking things to another level with its brand-new Nursing department. Not only is this a new academic venture for Elon, but it’s also a catalyst for the School of Health Sciences’ collaboration with Apple.Elon E Connect iPad Initiative

The E-Connect Apple iPad Initiative will provide iPads to Elon nursing students, pre-loaded with the apps and tools they will need throughout their studies at the university. It will serve as a pilot program for the School of Health Sciences, which will monitor the success of the iPad Initiative within the new nursing program. After evaluating usage by nursing students, the School of Health Sciences will consider expanding to their other programs, including Physical Therapy Education and Physician Assistant Studies.

Teaching and Learning Technologies has played a prominent role in getting the nursing program set up with this helpful and accessible technology. “It’s a very unique experience to work with students who are new to Elon and are pioneering this new program and iPad initiative,” said Instructional Technologist Katelin Moss. “Their enthusiasm definitely continues to motivate me and my work on this project.”

Elon has been working closely with their own designated Apple project manager to ensure that the iPad Initiative is rolled out as effectively as possible. Apple representatives have been involved in virtual training for the initiative, says Moss, adding that they will even be on-campus in January to help train faculty further.

“It’s more than just a tool for nursing students and their instructors,” Moss continued. “It’s also professional development for those of us who are involved in the project. Working with an Apple representative directly has shown me a different aspect of information technology, as well as how mobile technology can be integrated effectively into an academic environment.”

Staff from Elon’s Campus Technology Support remain closely involved in the project as a resource for faculty and students. “Campus Technology Support was poised to advance the E-Connect initiative with much of our infrastructure already in place to support the delivery and management of the iPads to students,” said Pat Donohue, Assistant CIO and Director of Campus Technology Support. “In fact, this project built upon our already strong partnerships between the School of Health Sciences and IT. We are pleased with the result and proud to directly contribute to the learning process that makes Elon so great.”

Michael Shepherd, Denise Cowardin and Scott Hildebrand also played vital roles in assisting nursing faculty and students in getting their iPads set up with the proper applications and tools. The devices also come with keyboard cases and apple pencils so that students can enjoy the benefits of a laptop while taking advantage of the iPad’s size and ease-of-use.

Grant Looper

Grant Looper is the Communications Strategist for Teaching and Learning Technologies at Elon University.

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