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Removal of Historic Wall

Elon University hosted a brief ceremony on March 30, 2016, to commemorate a key moment in the shared history of the university and the Town of Elon – the opening of the west campus wall to downtown Elon. As construction continues on the new facilities for the School of Communications, a 50-foot section of the wall, which dates back to 1925, … Continue Reading

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Atrium’s Foundation Completed

A person must stretch over the fence to realize it, but the concrete foundation of the Snow Family Grand Atrium has been poured. The construction crew framed the foundation in the middle of last week and the concrete was poured right before Easter weekend. The above image was taken from Lebanon Avenue, while “possibly” standing on the brick wall outside the … Continue Reading

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Spring Break Update

While our students are off enjoying spring break, construction crews have prepped the foundation of Snow Family Grand Atrium for concrete. Do you have a few thousand pounds of cement you’d like to loan us? I’m guessing no. Crews have been working both high and low in recent days at the site, spending a great deal of time finishing Schar Hall’s roof. We’re going … Continue Reading

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Windows Installed as Temperatures Rise

The Schar Hall construction crew completed the window installation on the north side of the building this week. It does seem a bit ironic that this task was finished in 70-degree temperatures, just in time to crack them open and enjoy the breeze. The only remaining openings on this side of the building are for the Snow Family Grand Atrium (far right) and the “Under … Continue Reading

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Steers Pavilion Timelapse

With most of Schar Hall’s work moving indoors, the most noticeable progress over the past week as been at the site of Steers Pavilion. Below are four photographs “time stamped” to give you an idea of the site’s daily progress. All four images were taken from Whitley Auditorium, either on the building’s front stairs or from a second-story window. Enjoy! commexpansionMore … Continue Reading

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Shaping Steers

In terms of foreshadowing, most can predict what the arrival of a crane at a construction site means. Thankfully for Elon construction enthusiasts, we weren’t disappointed. On the morning of Monday, March 7, a crane was parked near the future home of Steers Pavilion. By 1 p.m., the facility’s first steel post was in the air and crew members were … Continue Reading

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Touring Schar Hall, Take Two

For the second time in five weeks a small contingent from the School of Communications toured Schar Hall to document the project’s progress. Bryan Baker, Vic Costello and Tommy Kopetskie were joined on March 4 by Dean Paul Parsons, who was taking his first in-depth look at the facility. In case you skipped over the above caption, that is in fact the … Continue Reading

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[Insert ‘Window’ Cliche Here]

What cliche did you go with? “Windows to the world?” That was our first thought, too. Construction crews began installing windows on March 1 on the south side of Schar Hall. This is the view from Lebanon Avenue, with crew members starting the installation process on the second floor, directly above the building’s dean suite. After last week’s windy weather, which ripped … Continue Reading

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