Touring Schar Hall, Take Two


For the second time in five weeks a small contingent from the School of Communications toured Schar Hall to document the project’s progress. Bryan Baker, Vic Costello and Tommy Kopetskie were joined on March 4 by Dean Paul Parsons, who was taking his first in-depth look at the facility. In case you skipped over the above caption, that is in fact the silhouette of Dean Parsons with a construction hard hat. (That’s our obligatory Instagram plug.) He is standing in what will be a second-floor conference room, looking toward West Hall.

The foursome spent 45 minutes on site, walking through the atrium, basement and first and second floors. In the weeks since Baker, Costello and Kopetskie first toured the site, the second floor has received significant attention. Nearly the entire floor is now framed out and one can clearly identify the individual office spaces and classrooms. By the way, the welding sparks falling from the ceiling during our tour only added to the ambiance.

Want your own sneak peek of the construction? Here’s a Flickr album with images we captured while in the building. Below is a sampling of photos from the album.



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