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McEwen Renovations Nearing Halfway Point

While our students might be elsewhere this summer, work has certainly continued in McEwen Communications Building. In fact, as of last week, the contractor said the renovation project was nearing its midpoint. During a June 28 tour of the building, the smell of new carpet, fresh paint and cut bath tiles hung in the air. What drew most of the visitors’ … Continue Reading

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A Peak Inside Steers

While passersby can easily see the exterior progress of Steers Pavilion – with bricklayers hard at work – here’s a look at what’s going on inside the walls. The above two images are two perspectives of the front of the facility, which faces Whitley Auditorium. Our first impression? We look forward to the abundant amount of natural light in the building’s lounge … Continue Reading

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Bird’s Eye View

Talk about a “Wow” image! The above photograph, first posted by Elon University’s Twitter account, circulated on social media today. It’s exciting to see the many additions and renovations coming to the School of Communications over the next few weeks and months. commexpansionMore Posts

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Brickwork Begans on Steers Pavilion

With the ongoing construction of Schar Hall and the renovations taking place in McEwen this summer it’s possible to overlook the progress at Steers Pavilion. But passersby will notice the 7,300-square-foot facility reached a new stage this week: brickwork. Bricklayers began building the exterior wall on the northwest corner of the building, which sits across from the front of Whitley Auditorium. … Continue Reading

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A View of Williamson Avenue

The renovation of McEwen Communications Building is proceeding at an “impressive pace,” according to Communications Dean Paul Parsons. As of late last week, an opening has been made in Studio B for 40-plus feet of windows. The above images, courtesy of Associate Professor Vic Costello, are a before-and-after look from inside Studio B. What was the before-and-after view from outside … Continue Reading

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Walls Up, Walls Down

As one wall goes up, another wall comes down. The left image provides an update of the bricklayers’ progress on the exterior of Schar Hall. The image on the right shows the brick wall coming down outside McEwen’s Studio B, preparing for the facility’s new studio window that will look out on Williamson Avenue. What does Studio B look like on … Continue Reading

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Seeing the Progress Up Close

To chronicle the progress of Schar Hall, Steers Pavilion and McEwen Communications Building, members of the School of Communications toured each respective construction site on June 10, 2016. Wish you could have attended? Here’s the next best thing – our robust photo gallery. The above image highlights the first floor of McEwen Communications Building, future site of the Elon News Network’s … Continue Reading

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McEwen Update Via Snapchat Please excuse the video’s narrow orientation, but this clip published on the School of Communications’ Snapchat account (eloncom) is worth watching. The 72-second video highlights the ongoing renovations in McEwen Communications Building as of June 6. As you will see, construction crews have been quite busy since Commencement weekend. We can’t wait to see what the remodeled facilities look like come … Continue Reading

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