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Virtual walking tours connect students with history

Googlemapslogo2014It’s easy for students to feel detached from stories like The Canterbury Tales, which are so far removed (in both time and space) from modern-day Elon. But English professor Kevin Bourque, whose British Literature 1 class studied texts dating from the Middle Ages to 1800, found a novel way to engage his students with class materials using Google Maps.
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Preparing technology for spring term

The spring term has officially started and classes are well underway. The start of a new semester is always busy for faculty, students, and staff, but it might be even more stressful if you spent Winter Term away from Elon and find yourself a little rusty when it comes to campus technology. If that’s the case, here are a handful of technology tips that will help guarantee a smooth start for a new semester. Continue reading »

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Online privacy tips

dpd_englishJanuary 28th is Data Privacy Day (DPD).  Coordinated by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), it is a day set aside to promote the importance of online privacy and protecting personal information.  The theme for DPD is “Respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.”  Celebrate DPD by reading the tips below for protecting online privacy. Continue reading »

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Best Practices with DIY Video: ACTION!

Young woman holding a camera.Do you record your own videos for class? Do you want them to look better? This is the third and final part of a series on recording great videos. The first section, LIGHTS!, focused on setting up your lights to make you look even better. The second, CAMERA!, offered a brief overview on setting up your camera and background. This final article, ACTION!, covers ideas and approaches that help with the actual process of recording.

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REPOST: Online alternatives during inclement weather

A map of Friday's forecast

All those colors can’t be good news :(

The last class day of Winter Term is Friday. And if the forecast holds, it’s also the day of the biggest snowstorm of the year. Luckily, Elon has online tools that make it possible to submit assignments, take exams and even talk with your class remotely. Here is a repost of an article that Scott Hildebrand wrote during last year’s big snow storm. It outlines some of the tools available to Elon faculty.

Click to read about Online alternatives during inclement weather.

Keep an eye on www.elon.edu/enet for the latest and stay safe and warm.

Screenshot of the National Forecast Chart from National Weather Service, taken on 1/21/2015 at 2pm.

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An increase in phishing messages

Email scamAt the start of the New Year, Elon University experienced an influx of phishing schemes to user email accounts. These schemes targeted faculty, staff, and students. Unfortunately, malicious users have done an increasingly remarkable job at mimicking Elon accounts. Read on for best practices to safeguard your account. Continue reading »

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Top 10 technology stories at Elon in 2015

2015 ribbon

The Elon community used technology in many exciting ways in 2015. Elon’s first makerspace, the Maker Hub, gave students access to technology that was not available to them just last year. The Writing with Thumbs project produced a repository of student-written reviews of iPad apps for academic use. Instructional videos were becoming more of a hot topic and the launch of Learning on Demand made it easier to find Elon-produced videos. And many notable ATACC-funded projects continued to push academic uses of technology. Of course, there were other technology stories in 2015 but these were the ones we covered on the Elon Technology blog for the year.

Here is a list of my favorite stories from the Elon Technology blog in 2015. If you see any of the faculty or students mentioned in these posts, be sure to give them a high-five.

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Tech tips for studying abroad winter term

Many Elon students utilize the winter term to study abroad. When traveling to foreign countries, it’s important to keep a few technology tips in mind to make the most of your experience. Continue reading »

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What speaker system is right for you?


Image by Flickr user Nan Palmero / Creative Commons licensed BY-CC 2.0

Last month, we introduced new speakers to the Media Services inventory. Speaker systems are one of our most requested items because they have so many uses. They’re used in meetings, student organization events, faculty/staff events, and small band set ups, to name a few. Now that we have four options to choose from, we often get the question: which speaker system is right for my event?

Read on for a breakdown of each speakers system available at Media Services.  Continue reading »

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Shopping safely online during the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, many will begin shopping for gifts online to avoid the crowds in stores. Last year, over $2 billion in sales occurred online on Cyber Monday (the online equivalent of Black Friday), with total orders up 15% from 2013. However, an increase in online shopping also means an increase in individuals attempting to steal personal information. Read on for information about how to shop safely online during the holiday season.

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