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Geography, smartphones, and more point students in new directions


world globe

In elementary school, we learned geography by studying print maps and globes. Here at Elon, Dr. Ryan Kirk of the geography department is teaching students how GPS and smartphones are revolutionizing the way we view the world. Thanks to a grant from the Academic Technology and Computing Committee (ATACC) and a collaboration with Elon computing sciences professor Joel Hollingsworth’s Mobile Computing Course, Dr. Kirk is using the app called MayMyWeek to change the way students view their own campus. Continue reading »

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Faculty and staff explore maker technologies at #MakeElon luncheon

Participants learn about circuits. Photo by Dan Reis.

Participants learn about circuits with electric ink. Photo by Dan Reis.

Even though the #MakeElon luncheon had already been in full swing for about 20 minutes, the sandwiches and cookies had not been touched. Faculty, staff, and students were far too busy enjoying experimenting with the different types of technology set up around the room. A few pieces of the technology on display included moldable plastic, Legos and circuits, a 3D printer, and electric ink. To view all of the technology present, see more photos from the event here.

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Exploring 3D printing during #MakeElon workshop

One of Elon's 3D printers at the #MakeElon workshop. Photo by Dan Reis.

One of Elon’s 3D printers at the #MakeElon workshop. Photo by Dan Reis.

You may have noticed the large black cart standing in the corner of Belk Library by the Writing Center. On top sits a 3D printer. At Elon’s latest #MakeElon workshop, multimedia developer J.P. Lavoie led the students, faculty and staff who attended through interactive activities to see what exactly a 3D printer is capable of. Continue reading »

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Best Practices with DIY Video: CAMERA!

Do you record your own videos for class? Do you want them to look better? This is part two of a series on recording great videos. The first section, LIGHTS!, focused on setting up your lights to make you look even better. We’re following it up this article, CAMERA!, where I’ll provide a brief overview on setting up your camera and background. The final article, ACTION!, will share ideas that will help with the actual process of recording.

While we certainly have access to excellent cameras and equipment in Media Services, the most common camera option for self-recorded videos is a webcam. Webcams can be external (an add-on that can be moved and repositioned), and internal (often built into a laptop, above the top of the screen). While neither option would be ideal for commercial recording, they work well enough for most of your videos needs.

There are two simple strategies you can use to help overcome some of the shortcomings of webcams.

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Password policy changes for your protection

Password-securityIn April, Instructional & Campus Technologies (ICT) implemented changes in our Password Policy. As a result, this will affect how faculty and staff interact with technicians for computer support.

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Dr. Matt Valle uses self-made videos, online resources to supplement student learning

GetImageInstructional videos are a popular way to deliver course content, but it can be difficult to get started. Dr. Matt Valle, a Martha and Spencer Love term professor of management, has tried his hand at video recording, and he realizes that sometimes, better video resources are already available on the Internet.

For him, deciding whether to create videos, find them online or not use them at all depends on what he’s teaching and how effective it might be in the long run.

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Make life’s projects and events easier with OmniFocus

IMG_0235As the school year comes to an end for most college students, we find ourselves overwhelmed with multiple group projects, papers and tests.  Our time management skills are put to the test as we scramble to finish this semester’s work while still finding the time to attend all those fun social events that come with the warm weather as well. This is where OmniFocus can drastically improve your busy schedule. OmniFocus is a task management app designed to help you organize and accomplish life’s projects and events.

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6 tips for teaching online during Elon’s summer terms

2262847115_7291cec124_bHow do you engage students without seeing them face-to-face? How does the time commitment of teaching an online course compare to teaching an in-class course? How should I communicate with my students? These questions are among the several Elon faculty members might have as they navigate the challenges of designing and teaching online courses for the first time.

On Thursday, April 2, faculty who will be leading online courses this summer met with members of Teaching and Learning Technologies along with Dr. Steve Braye of the English department, who will be mentoring online faculty throughout the summer. Dr. Braye shared his experience teaching online and had many valuable tips and hints to share with fellow faculty.

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Elon uses app to help students get jobs

Elon's Job & Internship Expo. Photo Credit: Elon SPDC

Elon’s Job & Internship Expo. Photo Credit: Elon SPDC

Once a semester, the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) hosts the Job & Internship Expo for students to interact with companies about potential internship and employment opportunities. On March 12, 2015, around 80 employers represented their companies from all over the country in Alumni Gym. Almost 900 students attended this semester’s expo. With this many students and company representatives interacting in Alumni gym, this kind of set-up can be confusing and intimating for some students.

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Dr. Hollingsworth introduces Arduino as a way to bring computing to life during #MakeElon event

11119754_10152692293236296_2530596729620866045_nTo someone unfamiliar with the world of making or computing, Arduino can seem too complicated to learn in an hour workshop. A combination hardware-software programming system, Arduino allows users to write code to program a particular device’s functionality.

However, Dr. Joel Hollingsworth of the computer science department not only simplified how Arduino works, but led the group in creating their own light sensitive as a part of the #MakeElon series.

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