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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is an international dpd_englishholiday that occurs January 28. The day is designed to raise awareness, and promote privacy and data protection best practices. Currently, the day is observed by the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries. While the original initiative focused on raising business awareness over data privacy, the educational focus has since been expanded to include families and consumers. But what is there to know? What can you take away from the day to ensure your own data remains private? Continue reading »

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Life with an iPad: My thoughts thus far


I love being able to streamline my uses  between my 3 devices: Mac Air, iPhone 5 & iPad Air.

It has been 5 months since I began this journey of using mobile devices to write these blogs, and it has been quite the learning process.  College students are often looked at as “technology wizards,” meaning we somehow have the divine knowledge of how every gadget and doodad works… well, at least our parent’s generation seems to think so. I can’t even count how many times my mom has asked me to “fix the computer because it’s doing some weird thing again.” It’s surprising to know that while a lot of technology seems to be hardwired into our millennial brains, not everything about this iPad journey has been easy.

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Studying abroad technology tips

Most Elon students12365643713_47cbceae2d_o study abroad at some point in their undergraduate education. This winter term, a record number of Elon students took advantage of opportunities to study abroad. While this is an exciting time in the life of any student, it is also important that those studying abroad be mindful of technology considerations to limit their impact on your trip. Continue reading »

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Zen and the art of technology integration

404 Error screenshotTechnology is a beautiful thing. It seems as though not a day goes by that we are not given the promise of a new tool sure to improve or enhance our mission. Looking for wireless video collaboration across multiple platforms? No problem, we’ve got that! Your guest speaker got snowed in at O’Hare? No sweat, we’ll bring them in on a Google Hangout! From watches that talk to cameras that walk technology is here to help.

But it’s not always that easy. Technology can also vex you. Ironically, as I sat down to begin this blog post, my word processer quit three times in a row as I tried to open a new blank document. One computer restart later I was able to begin – albeit with slightly higher blood pressure. Sometimes it’s even worse. Continue reading »

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Help at the Writing Center goes beyond pen and paper

Guy presenting in front of a classIt’s no surprise that writing is no longer just text on paper. But you may not know that the Writing Center can be a great resource for work beyond your average essay, such as videos, images, and other multimedia assignments. So whether you have a PowerPoint due at the end of the week, want a second pair of eyes to take a look at your video, or need to practice your presentation, the Writing Center is here to help! Continue reading »

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Professors Fernandez and Husser use YouTube to explain basics of polling

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 10.41.30 AMDataset. Regression analysis. Sampling error. If you have had experience with creating and administering surveys, you have probably heard these terms before. But could you define them off the top of your head? That is what Dr. Kenneth Fernandez and Dr. Jason Husser, professors in the political science and director and assistant director of the Elon Poll respectively, noticed: students, faculty and professionals alike asked the same basic questions about surveying.

In response, the pair worked with Elon’s Teaching and Learning Technology department to create the Survey Design Essentials series, ten short videos available on YouTube that break down the most-asked questions about surveying.

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Notability: Note taking for creative folk

This article is a part of the Writing with Thumbs project- a year-long look at iPad apps and accessories that support writing. Read more about the project here.9017948184_808ef2dec5_o

If you’re looking to spice up your daily note-taking habits, Notability may be the app for you.

Notability, which has all the features of a standard word processor and then some,  is available for iPads, iPhones, and Macs. It’s the extra features – the ability to insert handwritten notes, sketches, doodles, voice recordings, and more – that make Notability the powerful note-taking app it is!

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Tech tips for the winter term

With students arriving on campus for winter term, there are a variety of questions the Technology Service Desk receives in regards to accounts, wireless networking, and other technology needs. Here are some things to keep in mind. Continue reading »

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Online holiday shopping safety

Every year, shopping online increases incredibly due to various deals and sales retailers make available online on their websites. This year, it is expected that e-commerce will grow 16.6 percent this holiday, up from last year’s 15.3 percent rise. In fact, it is expected that a whopping 101.7 million consumers in the United States will make purchases via their mobile devices this holiday season, reflecting a 37.3 percent growth over last year. It’s easy for retailers to lure consumers in with a variety of spectacular deals, but the deals aren’t always what they seem. Malicious individuals set up dummy sites to mimic retailers, in addition to taking advantage of paid ad services to lure consumers to making irresponsible online decisions. Here are a few tips and tricks for those who can’t resist shopping online during the holiday season. Continue reading »

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Mendeley vs. iAnnotate: What works for research

There are two types of students: those that wonder why on earth Elon would give us forty print dollars every semester, and those that inevitably burn through that money and must resort to printing in page groups of three by mid-November. I’m definitely in the latter category—that person who has to advise the people in line behind me to seek another printer while this one spits out twenty copies of my twenty-page story for Intermediate Fiction.

Sorry, trees.

Besides creative writing classes, the biggest reason for my mass paper consumption is printing article PDFs for research projects. I tend to accumulate binders full of information, littered with highlights, underlines, and side-notes. Such is the life of a type-A, visual learner.

Unfortunately, this method is not only environmentally unfriendly, but also makes my backpack a pain to lug around campus. So this semester, since I had an iPad at my disposal, I decided to try out two PDF organization apps: Mendeley and iAnnotate.
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