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University accounts after graduation

With commencement right around the corner, many graduates might be wondering what actions they should take, in regards to their various University accounts. Here are some helpful reminders for students who are graduating. Continue reading »

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Media Services, and the important things they’re up to

Jenn Grimmett sits at her desk, the heart of Elon’s Media Services office. It’s her third year in the positionmedia services, and when asked about the evolution of Media Services, she has a lot to reflect on.

“Have things changed in the running of Media Services year to year? Oh, yeah. Of course they have,” she says. “In more ways than one.”

Media Services, for those who don’t know, is home to a myriad of technical equipment. A host to everything from laptops to film equipment, Media Services is an efficient, easy, and free way to checkout the tools you need, all with the simple tap of a Phoenix card. Media Services is just one of the many perks to being an Elon community member, yet its presence on campus often goes unrecognized. However, after sitting down with Grimmett, it’s clear to see that Media Services has evolved into a fine-tuned machine, and it never stops improving. Continue reading »

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Elon’s Maker Hub at the largest maker faire in NC

Elon's exhibit at the Burlington Mini Maker Faire.

Photo by Leena Dahal.

On Saturday, April 23, Elon students, faculty, and staff participated in the Burlington Mini Maker Faire. The event drew thousands of people of all ages to the Holly Hill Mall, where various schools, organizations, business, individual hobbyists showcased their work and talked shop with other makers.

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 A quick hello and an app to help you cope with PDFs

IMG_7875 (2)

That’s me! Photo credit to John Martin

My name is Jess and I’m thrilled to be one of the new bloggers here at the Elon Technology Blog. As a senior Biology major with a minor in Communications, it likely comes as no surprise that I adore any opportunity to chat about science. I believe that science in the media is a societal necessity (plus it’s so much fun!).

Much of my love of science came from running around outside as a child in South Africa and picking up anything that wriggled, but a huge part of it also came from the media I was surrounded by. From Steve Irwin to Blue Peter to forest-critter fiction to hours of documentaries, popular science media was a constant source of joy and inspiration. In my future, I would ultimately like to go into research, yet more and more I’ve realized I want to be equally as involved in scientific communication – be that journalism, film, photography, or public events.

To start my foray into science communication by coming to you guys through the Elon Technology Blog is an exciting opportunity, and I look forward to discussing a variety of innovations here on campus. With each upcoming blog post I hope to bring you stories of the awesome technology that your peers and professors are using.

In the mean-time, as an initial greetings gift, I offer you my newly-discovered panacea to those end-of-the-year research woes: Kami.  Continue reading »

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Stay tech-savvy during finals

During finals, the Technology Service Desk tends to receive a more walk-in traffic due to technology malfunctions. Problems range from viruses and malware that prevent a computer from operating properly to computer shutdowns that result in missing papers. Here are a few tips to stay tech-savvy during finals, so technological mishaps don’t add to your list of stressors. Continue reading »

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Maths Alarm Clock: A Tool That Is Much More Than Meets the Eye

blog1Unfortunately, we’ve all been there: the gruel of exam week is upon you. Belk Library is brimming with students poring over textbooks and laptops. The air reeks of sweat, Acorn coffee, and test anxiety. And you’ve just finished studying at 4 a.m. After trudging accross campus to the comfort of your warm bed, a spark of panic flares up when you realize you’re only set up for about three and a half hours of sleep before your 8 a.m. final. And there’s no way that after cramming since dinner time and barely seizing the chance to close your eyes, you’ll be as alert as possible for this test. Failure looms dauntingly on the horizon. Continue reading »

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Learning Spaces Workgroup creates new “active” classroom


Students and faculty who frequent Alamance have probably noticed that room 207 recently got a makeover. Outfitted with multiple projectors, rolling desks, and bar height tables, this classroom is now the picture of an innovative learning space. Indeed, Alamance 207’s revamp is part of a larger effort at Elon to build more “active” learning environments.
Continue reading »

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Faculty personal U: drives now read-only

Picture of padlockAs of Friday, March 18, the personal U:Drive (network storage) utilized by faculty has been restricted to read-only access, with the exception of the public_html folder. Your files will still remain available, but you cannot add new files or make changes to files currently saved in general folders under the U:Drive. You should copy and paste files from your U:drive to your OneDrive for Business account. Staff made this migration at the end of 2015. Read on for more information about OneDrive for Business capabilities and access. Continue reading »

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The rise of ransomware

We have your data - ransomware imageThe beginning of March saw the first case of ransomware successfully attacking Apple computers. According to a CNN Money report, Palo Alto Networks spotted ransomware KeRanger on OS X on March 4 and promptly notified Apple. Even though Apple rectified the situation to prevent further infections of KeRanger, it’s important to understand ransomware and what you should do if you encounter it on your own computer. Continue reading »

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March Acorn Accolade awarded to programmer Terrance Copling

Picture of Terrance

Terrance Copling receiving his Acorn Accolade.

Terrance Copling received this month’s Acorn Accolade—an award that recognizes Instructional and Campus Technologies (I&CT) employees for their exemplary service to Elon University. Copling has been a programmer in Elon’s Administrative Computing department for nearly three years, and has made significant contributions to several projects. See the full story here.

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