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Lenovo owners should be aware of Superfish

It was September 2014 when 16438398988_f2553e7d7f_oLenovo, a Chinese-based computer technology company, revealed that they had sold an unknown number of computers containing preloaded adware known as Superfish. The reveal shocked many who criticized Lenovo for not doing more to vet the component before allowing it to be installed on an untold number of computers. But what is Superfish? What should an owner of a Lenovo computer do to correct the problem? These questions are important, as the Technology Service Desk has repeatedly assisted with configuration issues for a large portion of the Elon community who purchased a Lenovo computer for their personal use. Continue reading »

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Use Explain Everything to explain… everything

Teacher Using iPadExplain Everything is an app with the purpose of doing just that: explaining everything. Described by its creators as an interactive white board, there really isn’t much that you can’t do with Explain Everything. With the ability to type, draw or insert videos, pictures, documents, clip art, and webpages, you can customize your presentations however you would like. Explain Everything also gives you the ability to record everything you do and play it back as a way to explain (everything) that you need to show.

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3D app helps students learn anatomy from the outside in

14445634744_816f9db8b2_zDr. Janet Cope and Dr. Cindy Bennett were looking for a way to incorporate a 3D application into anatomy classes in the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Physician Assistant Studies programs. When Dr. Cope heard about the grants from the Academic Technology and Computing Committee (ATACC), she jumped on the opportunity to give a 3D anatomy app a try. With the help of ATACC, they purchased 3D4Medical, which they believed would help their students learn anatomy from the outside in.

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Students share experiences with quadcopters, circuitry at February’s Maker Meetup


Jake Smith (left) and Alex Simoneaux (right) share their experiences with making at February’s Maker Meetup.

Makerspaces, quadcopters and circuitry that syncs lighting to music: it sounds very futuristic. But this is exactly what engineering professor Dr. Scott Wolter and two of his students, juniors Jake Smith and Alex Simoneaux, have been working on here at Elon. Through Teaching and Learning Technologies’ first Maker Meetup, the team presented their work in these areas and what they’ve learned through making as well as opened the conversation for other maker projects. 

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Goodbye, messy planners; hello, Homework App Sync

The view of the app, when using an iPhone.

The view of the app, when using an iPhone.

Since the spring semester has started, I figured that it’s time to buckle down and focus on the work at hand. This semester, I have been adamantly against the idea of purchasing a planner partly because I’ve had a personal New Year’s goal of becoming more technology-focused, and partly because I am trying to be more “green.” In all of this explanation, I ended up deciding upon “The HW App Sync,” a class assignment planner listed under the Educational apps in the iTunes store. So far, (when I remember to actually put my assignments in), I have found that the app is very clean and simple to use.

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OSX Yosemite users can now use print stations

Pharos, the vendor responsible for PMS PicPrint Management Stations (PMS) across campus, finally released a print driver compatible with Apple users operating OSX Yosemite. This means that print stations around campus are now fully accessible for all laptop users (Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X systems). If you utilize OSX Yosemite, or have yet to take advantage of print stations around campus, here’s what you need to know. Continue reading »

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Get trusted medication info with Davis’s Drug Guide

FullSizeRender 3

As a physician assistant student, I hear so many different pharmaceutical drug names thrown around all the time. Whether it be generic or brand names, the list of FDA approved medications is never ending and continues to grow each day. No medical provider or student can possibly memorize every single drug out there, each containing a long list of side effects, different doses and drug interactions. To help with this information overload I present to you Davis’s Drug Guide 2015 app. This app is free to download but there is an in app purchase of $39.99 in order to receive full access.

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Graphic design: Say goodbye to Paint, say hello to Canva


Have you ever wondered where that inspiring quote on Instagram,  that catchy Facebook event banner, or the pretty Pinterest post came from? There’s a chance these designs might have been created using Canva, a graphic design app for iPads.

Experimenting with Canva was my first journey into the wide, wide world of graphic design. I wasn’t certain what the two words “graphic design” meant until I opened Canva for the first time. Little did I know that Canva would give me the power to create images and pictures for all of my digital needs – all at the edge of my fingertips! I initially decided to give this app a chance because I’m an avid user of social media, and hoped to spice up my posts by learning the basics of design. Yet, as I learned, Canva can also be useful for academic projects.

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Online alternatives during inclement weather

Alamance buildingWhen inclement weather makes it difficult to get to campus, consider using online alternatives to engage students in the work of your class.

Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Use Moodle as a central location for students to find course information, lead and facilitate discussions, and post and submit assignments. You can also live chat with your students using Moodle’s text-based chat.
  • Introduce a topic/concept using video. Record a quick introduction using your web cam or record your screen with Screencast-O-Matic, and then use the MediaCore plugin to upload the video to your course.
  • Add audio to PowerPoint slides, and then upload your file to Moodle.
  • Use web conferencing tools like Adobe Connect (requires advanced notice – call 278-5200) or Google Hangouts to hold class synchronously.

Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) can support you with implementing any of the above ideas as well as provide additional suggestions for online alternatives.

Please contact TLT at 278-5006 or tlt@elon.edu to learn more. Stay safe everyone

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Get connected to Elon’s maker community

Never use machines when aloneGet connected to the maker community this spring through a series of events led by Elon makers. At these events, you’ll learn about interesting technologies (like 3d printing) and futuristic projects happening at Elon (like a quadcopter delivery system). If you don’t consider yourself a maker (yet), don’t worry. The workshops require no prior experience and are open to all Elon students, faculty and staff. Makers at Elon come from nearly every department and unit on campus, including the arts, computing science, education, English, engineering, entrepreneurship, environmental sciences,  philosophy, physical plant among many others. Everyone is welcome and has something to contribute. Read on for a list of events this semester, including workshops, meetups and more.

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