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Shopping safely online during the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, many will begin shopping for gifts online to avoid the crowds in stores. Last year, over $2 billion in sales occurred online on Cyber Monday (the online equivalent of Black Friday), with total orders up 15% from 2013. However, an increase in online shopping also means an increase in individuals attempting to steal personal information. Read on for information about how to shop safely online during the holiday season.

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Open book assessments may reduce academic dishonesty

Picture of an open bookPreventing academic dishonesty in online and blended environments is a challenging obstacle. An open-book assessment with challenging questions that refer directly to course content may be an effective technique in reducing academic dishonesty.

You can administer this type of assessment on the whiteboard, with a Word document, inside your Learning Management System’s test bank, or through discussion forums.

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Students create Moodle-based treasure hunt

treasure-map-153425_640When most people think about using Moodle, the first word that comes to mind is probably not “fun.” But a group of Honors Fellows recently found a creative and, yes, even fun way to use the site—they employed Moodle to run the second semesterly National Treasure Scavenger Hunt for their fellow Honors students.
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Canon copiers replacing Ricoh copiers

In October, Canon UnitCampus Technology Support began replacing Elon’s Ricoh copiers with new Canon Image Runner Advance copiers for faculty and staff use. All copiers will be transitioned to the Canon copiers by the end of November. Read on for more information about what Canon copiers offer, how they differ from Ricoh copiers, and on general use. Continue reading »

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English prof gathers oral histories with Evernote

Photo of a smartphone with EvernoteProfessor Steve Braye is a story collector. This semester, he’s gathering oral histories of the Civil Rights Movement with the help of his Global Experience classes. Braye aims to create a publicly available archive of narratives that document the Movement as members of the Elon community—as well as their friends and families—experienced it.

The project is tied to this year’s common reading, Why We Can’t Wait, by Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s book inspired Braye to consider how the Civil Rights Movement influenced the lives of people in the Elon community and their relatives. Using NPR’s StoryCorps as a model, Braye commissioned his students to interview their parents or grandparents about their memories of the Movement, and record these interviews with Evernote. According to Braye, even the few short minutes it takes to recount a small, personal memory can speak volumes about the human experience during this pivotal time in American history.
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Bio prof launches Elon Campus Fungi Project

Bioluminescent fungus fruiting at Elon.

Bioluminescent fungus fruiting at Elon.

Fungi fans, unite! Bio professor Antonio Izzo recently launched the Elon Campus Fungi Project, an effort to increase awareness about Elon’s incredible biodiversity—particularly in regards to the wide range of fungal species across campus. Basically, Izzo is crowdsourcing the creation of an online “digital foray” to record where and what different types of fungi are growing all around us here at Elon.
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OneDrive for Business now available for faculty and staff

Microsoft’s OneDrive for BusinessCapture is now available for faculty and staff at Elon University. OneDrive for Business will ultimately serve as a replacement of the U:Drive for document storage and sharing. Read on for more information about OneDrive for Business capabilities and access. Continue reading »

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NCSAM Week 5: Building the next generation of cyber professionals

Image of child at a computerEditor’s note: We’re wrapping up National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) with a post from guest author Dr. John Hale, professor of Computer Science at the University of Tulsa. Read our other NCSAM posts here.

One thing can be said about the quickening pace of technology innovation in the information age: the revolution is coming to us. How we prepare our next generation of cyber professionals is key to our ability to adapt and thrive in such a dynamic environment. Three elements of professional preparation for a career in information technology stand out: (i) a solid technical foundation, (ii) a mastery of safe and secure computing practices, and (iii) a sound ethical grounding. Continue reading »

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Look out for new phishing emails targeting faculty

No Phishing SignThere has been a rise in phishing emails targeted to universities. Please be aware of the latest scam where the link in the email seems to take you the Outlook Web Access (OWA) login page seeking to collect your username and password. Read all of your emails carefully before clicking on any links or opening attachments.

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Elon faculty share methods to deter academic dishonesty

startup-photos-mediumThese best practices for online and blended course design were compiled from the Summer College @Elon faculty data and personal interviews from 2006-2015. The consensus among Elon faculty parallels the literature in the field. Continue reading »

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