Moodle Mobile App is now Open LMS App

Posted on: April 28, 2021 | By: Ben Tupper | Filed under: Instructional Technologies, Moodle, Teaching & Learning

On April 28th, the mobile app used to easily access Moodle from your mobile device will change from the Moodle Mobile app to the newer Open LMS app.

Open LMS Features

With the new Open LMS app, you can: 

  • Access your courses directly from your mobile device 
  • Download content for offline access 
  • Update your profile information 
  • Receive course notifications and messages on your device 
  • View course grades and all course content in a mobile-friendly format 
  • Grade assignments both online and offline 

The Open LMS Advantage

While Moodle is already a mobile-friendly platform, using the app offers several advantages over using your mobile device’s browserWith the app, you’ll find yourself logging in less than if you were using a browser. It’s also easy to grab content from the app when you have little to no Wi-FiFinallywith the Open LMS app you can create custom notifications for things like assignment feedback, forum posts, lesson posts, and quickmail 

Download the Open LMS App and Get Started

Downloading the Open LMS App is quick and simple. Follow the instructions in this knowledge base article to get started.  

Ben Tupper

Ben Tupper is an instructional technologist with Elon University's Teaching and Learning Technologies.

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