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Laptop with Zoom logo on the screenDue to the popularity of Zoom on campus, Information Technology will soon implement a new retention policy to help ease the load on cloud storage within the tool and help manage the volume of video recordings as a result of the unprecedented high use of the tool among many faculty, staff and students.

When the new auto-delete setting is activated on June 1, a column will appear in users Zoom dashboards, under recordings tab. It will show how many days that recording has until it is moved to the trash. Once the recording has been in the trash for 23 days, the user will get an automated email alert from Zoom, which will notify the user that the recording will be deleted permanently in seven days.

Although the new retention policy will limit the amount of time video recordings can be stored in the platform, Elon faculty, staff and students will still have full access to recordings through Kaltura and Moodle. Both tools offer easy access to a copy of Zoom recordings for easy access, downloading and sharing. In addition, Zoom users may also take advantage of other Microsoft applications, such as OneDrive or Stream to store, organize and share video recordings with internal and external viewers. Learn more about cloud storage options below.

Upcoming Training Session

Kaltura Basics: Record, Access, Upload

Wednesday, March 24

12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Join TLT staff for a workshop on the basics of Kaltura. We’ll show you how to record, then access recordings and also how to add those recordings to your Moodle site. You’ll also learn how to collaborate with others and share your videos through email or Kaltura Media.

Register for the Session: https://www.elon.edu/eventsmgmt/events/default?id=3761734

Cloud Storage & File Sharing at Elon

Cloud-based file storage and sharing platforms provide users with convenient access, mobility and enhanced security, among other advantages. At Elon, faculty, staff and students can take advantage several options to store files and collaborate online.


Zoom (and Webex) video recordings are automatically copied to Kaltura. Elon users can log into Kaltura to access, download or share Zoom video recordings, or bring recordings directly into a Moodle course using the video resource feature. Video recordings also are accessible from the My Media section in Moodle, linked at the bottom of the left column navigation.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Create, edit and share media content within the tool
  • Edit video and closed captions/transcript with built-in tools
  • Easily share videos with faculty, student and staff across campus
  • Track engagement on each video and ensure content is consumed and understood
  • Access the same files on any phone, tablet or computer

Learn more about Kaltura


OneDrive is an incredibly easy and convenient way for faculty and staff to access and share documents wherever they may be with an internet connection. Zoom recordings

Benefits & Key Features

  • Create and share Microsoft Office documents (Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online or OneNote Online)
  • Users maintain 1 TB storage space for a variety of file types
  • Real-time collaboration with colleagues and students
  • Easily recover deleted documents or roll back to previous versions
  • Access the same files on any phone, tablet or computer

Learn more about OneDrive


Videos recorded using Microsoft Teams are automatically copied to Microsoft Stream, but Zoom recordings may also be downloaded and uploaded to the platform, where they can then be shared with faculty, staff or students throughout campus.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Create, edit and share media content within the tool
  • Videos can be organized by topic using the Channels feature
  • Easy-to-use editing tools allow you to update your video directly in the platform and also update permissions before sharing with on- and off-campus viewers
  • Closed captions/transcribing can be exported and shared in meeting minutes or for other uses
  • Access the same files on any phone, tablet or computer using the Microsoft Stream app

Learn more about Stream

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